Crystals for Nails Limited Edition Nail Art Bundle

$730.00 - $1,971.00
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1- Swarovski Nail Art Display: this crystallized nail art display is perfect for use as a salon menu. The product bundle includes everything you need to re-create these designs!

16- 5 gram Crystalpixie 5 gram Bottles: 3 of the most popular Edge and 13 of the most popular Petite Crystalpixie colors! All featured on the Nail Art Display.

31- Swarovski Nail Art Single Size Packs: the most popular articles 2058, 2088, 2080, 2400 and mini shapes in the most popular colors! All featured on the Nail Art Display.

3- Nail Technician Tools


Product Details:

Swarovski Nail Art Single Size Packs (Retail $10.95)

2058 Aquamarine AB 7ss, 2058 Blue Zircon Shimmer 5ss, 2058 Crystal 9ss, 2058 Crystal AB 5ss, 2058 Crystal AB 9ss, 2058 Fuchsia Shimmer 9ss, 2058 Light Rose 7ss, 2058 Light Sapphire Shimmer 9ss, 2058 Light Siam Shimmer 5ss, 2058 Light Turquoise 9ss, 2058 Metallic Light Gold 9ss, 2058 Moonlight 7ss, 2058 Paradise Shine 7ss, 2058 Peridot Shimmer 9ss, 2058 Rose AB 5ss, 2058 Rose AB 9ss, 2058 Rose Gold 5ss, 2058 Rose Gold 9ss, 2058 Scarlet 9ss, 2058 Silk Shimmer 9ss, 2058 Silver Night 7ss, 2058 Tanzanite 7ss, 2058 White Opal 5ss, 2058 White Opal 9ss, 2080 Pearls Nacre 10ss, 2088 Flat Back Sapphire AB 12ss, 2088 Flat Back White Opal 12ss, 2400 Crystal AB 2x2mm, 2400 Square Light Chrome 3x3mm, Mini Duo Mix Pack Crystal AB, Mini Duo Mix Pack Crystal AB, Mini Mix Pack Crystal.

Swarovski Crystalpixie 5 gram Bottles (Retail $28.90-32.90 each)

Edge Cute Mood, Edge Electric Touch, Edge Punk Candy, Edge Rebel Spirit, Petite Aurora Shimmer, Petite Blue Lagoon Shimmer, Petite Candy Land, Petite Champagne Shimmer, Petite Deluxe Rush, Petite Jungle Green, Petite Love's Passion, Petite Ocean Dreams, Petite Rock Shock, Petite Rose Shimmer, Petite Sparkling Moments, Petite Starry Night.

Displays (Retail $200)

Swarovski Crystals Branded Nail Art Display/Salon Menu & Swarovski Crystalpixie Branded Display Box (limited-while supplies last)


Nail Technician Tools (Retail $15 total)

Swarovski Branded Nail Wheels, Swarovski Branded Tear-Off Application Mat, Swarovski Branded Crystal Display (Crystal Storage) Box.