Preferred Business Pricing


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We are glad you are interested in opening a wholesale account with preferred business pricing. Our history at includes 20 years of superior service of small businesses such as costumers, manufacturers, online retailers, beauty distributors, artists and an unimaginable selection of other unique businesses and individuals! Because of market changes and digital selling, after 20 years we opened our doors for consumer direct sales.

Thank-you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!

PROOF OF BUSINESS DOCUMENT offers wholesale Preferred Business Pricing for registered businesses. Preferred Business Prices cannot be seen until we verify the customer account is eligible for a wholesale account.

  1. CREATE a customer account here
  2. REGISTER your business by filling out the preferred business form below.
  3. COMPLETE preferred business form using the same email address that you used to register your customer account.
  4. ATTACH required "Proof of Business Document" We cannot verify the eligibility of your customer account and offer business preferred pricing without a proof of business document on file.

An acceptable proof of business document is a 1) state or federal tax ID, 2) EIN certificate, 3) nail technician license, 4) tax exemption form, 5) d.b.a. certificate, 6) sellers permit, 7) business license, or 8) resale license.