12 DIY Christmas Decorations To Make Using Rhinestones

12 DIY Christmas Decorations To Make Using Rhinestones

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Nov 2nd 2023

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to transform your home into a dazzling wonderland. For those who crave sparkle and shine during the most wonderful time of the year, look no further than DIY Christmas decorations using rhinestones. These glitzy gems can elevate any festive ornament and make your space truly shine. Here are some eye-catching ways to incorporate rhinestones into your holiday decor for a truly sparkling Christmas.


Ornaments are a Christmas decoration staple, but why not make them even more impressive by adding some rhinestones? Create your own unique designs on plain ornaments by gluing rhinestones in various patterns—think snowflakes, stars, or even monograms for a personalized touch. The best part is that you can choose the colors and sizes of the rhinestones to match your holiday theme perfectly. Whether you’re a fan of the classic red-and-green duo or prefer a more elegant gold-and-silver scheme, there are rhinestones to suit every taste.


What’s more festive than stockings hung by the fireplace, ready for gifts and goodies? Bring extra magic to this holiday tradition with a little bedazzling action. Use rhinestones to spell out the names of your family members, or add festive designs like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and reindeer. As the fireplace glows, your rhinestone-studded stockings will sparkle, making your mantle a true masterpiece.

Holiday Wreaths

A holiday wreath is the perfect way to greet your guests with festive spirit, and adding rhinestones will make it even more sensational! Add some bling by gluing individual rhinestones to a pre-made wreath, weaving rhinestone banding through the branches, or arranging rhinestones in a pattern to create holiday-themed shapes, such as snowflakes and stars. This simple touch will make your wreath stand out and add some shine to your front door.

Gift Wrapping

Spread some holiday cheer with beautifully wrapped gifts adorned with rhinestones. Add a touch of sparkle to your presents by using rhinestone-studded ribbon, or get creative and use the rhinestones themselves as accents on the wrapping paper. You can also create festive gift tags by gluing rhinestones onto plain tags or using them to spell out the recipient’s name. Your gifts will be the star of any gift exchange with their dazzling rhinestone details.


Transform your holiday party tablescape with rhinestone-encrusted centerpieces. Gather a collection of clear or colored vases or jars and cover them in a layer of rhinestones. Fill the vases with winter foliage, fairy lights, or candles for a truly dazzling centerpiece that will catch the eye of all your guests. Another idea is to fill clear ornaments with rhinestones and use them as place card holders or scattered throughout the table for added sparkle.


Complete your holiday decor with a touch of sparkle by adding rhinestones to your garlands. Whether you choose traditional greenery or opt for felt or paper, you can easily add rhinestones using glue. You can create a pattern, spell out words like “joy” or “peace,” or sprinkle rhinestones all over for some extra glitz and glam. Hang them on your mantle, staircase, or window frames for a festive and sparkling touch.

Christmas Tree Toppers

Every Christmas tree needs a beautiful topper, and what better way to make it stand out than by using rhinestones? Create your own unique tree topper by gluing rhinestones onto a foam or cardboard cone, covering the entire surface for maximum shine. You can also add in other elements, like ribbon, glitter, or beads, for a more elaborate design. Once you light up your tree, the rhinestones on your topper will catch the light and add an extra magical touch to your holiday display.

Holiday Cards

Spread holiday cheer with handmade rhinestone-accented cards that are sure to impress. Start by creating your own card using cardstock or pre-made blank cards, and then use rhinestones to add festive designs. Include things like Christmas trees, snowflakes, or messages like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” The sparkling rhinestones will add a special touch to your cards and make them stand out from store-bought ones. You can also include a personalized message inside for an extra special touch.

Napkin Rings

Add sparkle to your holiday table settings with DIY rhinestone napkin rings. Use simple materials like pipe cleaners or repurpose old bangles and glue on rhinestones to create a design that suits your festive theme. Your guests will be delighted by the attention to detail and the glamour that these beautiful napkin rings bring to the table.

Candle Holders

Illuminate your holiday evenings with candles set in shimmering rhinestone candle holders. Grab some plain glass candle holders and adorn them with rhinestones to create intricate designs or simple patterns. The flickering candlelight will make the rhinestones sparkle and create a magical and festive atmosphere.

Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas in style with a DIY advent calendar featuring rhinestones. Use small burlap bags, paper envelopes, or even mini stockings as the base for your calendar, and decorate them with rhinestones in different shapes and sizes. You can also add numbers using rhinestone stickers or paint for a more personalized touch. Each day, as you open a new bag or envelope, the shimmering rhinestones will add excitement and anticipation to the holiday season.

Holiday Magnets

Add some charm to your fridge or magnetic board with DIY rhinestone holiday magnets. Use small wooden cutouts in festive shapes like snowflakes, stockings, or gingerbread men, and then glue on rhinestones for a touch of sparkle. These magnets will add a touch of holiday spirit to your home all season long.

After exploring these fabulous ideas, you’re likely eager to bring the sparkle to your home this holiday season. Whether you’re new to the DIY scene or a seasoned pro, DIY Christmas decorations using rhinestones are a fantastic way to make your space glimmer and gleam.

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12 DIY Christmas Decorations To Make Using Rhinestones