5 Ways To Add Crystals to Your Motorcycle Riding Gear

5 Ways To Add Crystals to Your Motorcycle Riding Gear

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 1st 2023

Are you tired of rocking the same motorcycle gear as everyone else? Stand out and sparkle on the road with these five fabulous ways to add crystals to your motorcycle riding gear.

Bedazzle Your Helmet

Your helmet doesn’t have to look dull and generic—give it an upgrade by adding some beautiful black AB rhinestones. Play around with different patterns or shapes, such as intricate designs, flames, or even your favorite brand logo. Once you’ve found your perfect design, use a strong adhesive to place the rhinestones on the surface of your helmet. And remember to give it some time to dry before your next ride.

Bedazzled Bandanas

One of the most popular biker looks is a bandana worn as a headband and bedazzled with crystals.  You will sparkle in the sun with your beautifully customized headwear.  

Create Crystal-Encrusted Gloves

Make your hands sparkle when you’re gripping the handlebars. Choose a pair of well-fitting motorcycle gloves and decorate them with your crystals of choice. Carefully sew the crystals onto the fabric of the gloves to ensure your bling stays securely attached.

Jazz Up Your Jacket

Adorn your leather motorcycle jacket with glimmering crystals for a stylish and edgy look. Select places on your jacket, such as the lapels, cuffs, or back, to create swirling or geometric designs. Just like with the gloves, sewing the crystals in place is the best method to ensure longevity and prevent them from falling off during your rides.

Make Your Saddlebags Sparkle

Want your motorcycle to look as glamorous as you do? Add crystals to your saddlebags to make them truly eye-catching. Start by creating a design on paper and arranging the crystals to fit that design. Once you’re satisfied with the layout, attach the crystals using a strong adhesive or sew them on securely to the exterior of the saddlebags.

Customize Your Kicks

Don’t forget to glitz up your motorcycle boots! Whether you want to create intricate patterns or simply add a line of crystals along the boots’ edges, the options are endless. Remember to use a strong adhesive or durable thread to secure the crystals in place and prevent them from falling off.

Why blend in when you can stand out on the road? By customizing your motorcycle riding gear with crystals, you can add some sparkle and personality to your attire and show off your unique style. When you’re ready to take your gear to the next level, don’t forget to check out and browse their stunning selection of rhinestones and other crystal accessories.

Bandanas by Michelle

The featured photo is one of our favorite customers, Bandanas by Michelle.  She has rhinestoned everything listed in this article plus she crystallized her Indian Roadmaster that is decked out with over 15,000 crystals!  If you see Michelle on the road, say hi and check out her beautiful bandanas!