Boom's Drive-in Crystal Cheeseburger - Allison Luedtke

Boom's Drive-in Crystal Cheeseburger - Allison Luedtke

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 20th 2020

I don't think any of us have seen a cheeseburger, fries, ice cream and a Coke ever look this good! It is mesmerizing to say the least. The story behind this amazing artwork is even more beautiful. 

It all started in 1959, Boom's Drive-in opened in Platte, SD. It is the poster child for old-fashioned drive-ins, complete with good food, a family friendly staff, and a low-key ambiance. Boom's Drive-in is a family restaurant that was opened by Ilo Vanderboom and his wife, Eudora. It's been a family affair ever since, which eventually included their three children, Nancy, Jim and Steve. From the start, the drive-in was successful and it grew steadily due to Ilo's attention to providing good food, good service and good value. He later sold the Platte, SD business to his son, Jim and wife, Sue, who kept the excellent operation going. 

Steve Vanderboom, now a long time residence of Minnesota, has raised his family, with his wife Julie. In fact, the two began dating while Julie was working at Boom's Drive-in, back in the day. They have now been married 40 loving years. Steve sought out for a perfect keepsake to capture the family history that the Vanderbooms have all been a part of for generations. He turned to a dear friend and accomplished artist, Allison Luedtke. With his initial idea and her artistic 'the sky's the limit" imagination, together, I truly believe, they found the sweetest remembrance of Boom's Drive-in, to last a lifetime.


Allison Luedtke


Allison Luedtke, also a Minnesota resident, is an artist who traditionally works with mixed media, bronze, glass and stone. This was Allison's first time working with crystals on a project and she sure went all in! Rhinestones Unlimited couldn't have been more honored to be able to assist her along the way with this exciting project selecting colors and sizes. Please check out her other exquisite works of art at

Each piece is about 75% larger than life-size, made of bronze and all adorned with Swarovski Crystals set in Crystal Clay. The entire project took 4 months from start to finish. It started with 3D scans, then onto a fabricator. Eventually, hallow wax molds were made for the bronze pieces to be made. 

Crystal Clay was used in several different colors and if Allison couldn't find the right color she mixed colors to create the perfect one. She also used some metallic powders during the glass firings on a few of the elements in order to achieve the correct effect.

An impressive 67,000+ Swarovski Crystals were used on the loaded Boomburger, Basket of French Fries, Boom's Coke Bottle, Twist Ice Cream Cone, all on a Checkerboard Tray. In 9 different round flat back crystals sizes and over 35 colors!

5ss: Amethyst, Aurum, Citrine, Copper, Crystal Shimmer, Fern Green, Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer, Light Siam Shimmer, Light Silk, Moonlight, Peridot, Rose, Siam, Silk

7ss: Aurum, Chrysolite, Fern Green, Graphite, Golden Shadow, Light Silk, Mocca, Peridot, Rose, Smoked Topaz

9ss:  Fern Green, Golden Shadow, Graphite, Light Silk, Light Colorado Topaz, Light Siam, Mocca, Metallic Sunshine, Rose, Siam, Silk, Smoked Topaz

10ss: Chalk White, Light Grey DeLite, White Electric

12ss: Amethyst, Buttercup Lacquer Pro, Fern Green, Graphite, Light Grey DeLite, Luminous Green, Metallic Sunshine, Olivine, Rose Gold, Scarlet, Smoked Topaz, White Electric

14ss: Scarlet

16ss: Chalk White, Crystal AB Unfoiled, Scarlet

20ss: Chalk White, Indian Siam, White Opal Shimmer

30ss: Crystal, Siam


Don't Forget! When you're on those road trips to or through South Dakota, to stop by Boom's Drive-In in Platte, SD! We know they'd love to have you and you won't be disappointed, no one ever is. 

Boom's Drive-in * 606 7th Street * Platte, SD 57369