Faith, Trust, Fairy Godmother Dust

Faith, Trust, Fairy Godmother Dust

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on May 27th 2015

If you’ve ever let yourself get lost in a Disney story or cheered on the underdog, you can get behind the magic in this year’s Fairy Godmother Project event: animals became attendants, amber and lace became a gown and a blank canvas became a record of happiness. In true magic form- when today’s Minnesota weddings average $30,000- maybe the best part of this story is that the entire event didn’t cost the couple a darn thing. What? Oh, snap. 

The Minnesota Fairy Godmother Project was started in 2012 when a florist and a photographer took pity on a bride-to-be whose Army fiancé was stationed in Afghanistan. Planning a wedding is enough of a challenge- but, without the presence of your partner, it can be a downright drag. So, with a network of wedding professionals in their back pockets, Terri Uy-Lennon and Amy Coppersmith stepped up to lend a hand. Through discounted and donated services, the ladies made magic happen, building a wedding from the ground up and lending support to Paige in Cody’s absence, so all the betrothed had to worry about was having a good time (and maybe practicing some sweet dance moves in the mirror). 

And so, The Fairy Godmother Project was born, to make the dream wedding of one deserving Armed Forces couple a reality each year. This year, meet Kristin and Ben- aka team “HendyMeds”- who had resolved to make do with a hastily-drafted exchange of vows in the middle of winter days before Ben’s deployment to the Middle East. Sweet, yes, but without any family or friends surrounding them, it was neither person’s idea of the moment they had been dreaming of. Ben is an officer in the Air Force with true Minnesotan roots- in his “spare time,” he serves on the board of Defending the Blue Line, an organization providing children of military members the opportunity to play hockey. When Kristin is not working her job in the restaurant industry, she spends her energy working with rescue animals with Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue, fostering and finding homes for mistreated and abandoned animals. 

Now, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting these two, but they’ve sure charmed me just through posts and pictures from The Fairy Godmother Project crew. (One of my favorite images has Kristin waiting at the airport with a sign that reads, “Capt Hendy Report -4- Booty!”) The FGMP folks obviously felt the same way and, along with Rosetree Events planning, swiftly began organizing all of the individual elements that make up one big memorable experience: venue, invitations, food, music, makeup, videography, even a custom pre-reception game for the guests and a live painter. And let’s not forget the dresses. 

Oh, did I mention that Kristin’s mother, Mary (THE Mary of Mary Meyer Crystal Creations) bedazzles ice skating costumes and has been a long time customer of Rhinestones Unlimited? Did you think either of us was going to let this opportunity pass unglitzed? Not a chance. Yes, Rhinestones Unlimited was one of the wedding professionals in the team’s back pockets. Had you guessed already? 

Be sure to check out the Swarovski crystal stones on the bride’s two dresses. Over $450 retail worth of Swarovski crystal and pearl embellishments were donated to the event, where Mary deftly bedazzled to her daughter’s delight. Aren’t moms wonderful? 

So, grab some tissues and enjoy the photos, don’t miss the video, and contact us the next time you’re planning something special. After all, if you think about it, nobody has ever made magic without a little sparkle…



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P.S. Want more Fairy Godmother Project? Visit them on Facebook to learn more about the couples, nominate a deserving military pair and find out how you can become a part of their next event.

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