Introducing Rivets and Rose Pins: A Preface

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Dec 6th 2012

Crystal, Crystal AB and Aurum rose pins.

Swarovski Rose Pins

It’s a bit evocative of a scene from Alice in Wonderland: underneath the bread-and-butterflies and trailing in the wake of the playing card platoon, you catch a sparkle in the distance…actually, wait- a lot of sparkles. Bouncing around each other, leaping in the sunlight, riotous and giggly (but rather incoherent)…”curiouser and curiouser!” In some bizarre marriage of setting and stone, beautiful multifaceted crystals have sprouted two sets of gleaming legs, and the whole gross is dancing their way toward you by their own accord.

As they near the place that you stand on their tapping tip-toes, some settle gracefully on (really giant) blades of grass, folding their legs underneath them. And there they’ll stay, the Rose Pins of Wonderland. Now, through a portal- but, too late! Too late to see that the crystal doorknob that winked underneath your fingers, like a snowflake caught in your lashes, is not reflected on the other side, for it was not a knob at all, but a Button!

You cannot go back on the same path from whence you came, so forward you turn and onwards you venture, passing a meadow and gathering up the brilliant Snaps, leaving the fiery dragons. 

Crystal Jeans Buttons in cushion, checkerboard, rivoli and pavé styles.

Swarovski Jeans Buttons

Now, the Rivets. Ahh, the Rivets. The Rivets are a little less light of foot, a little more somber than our sweet Rose Pins. They come making a statement, the ground perforated by their tracks. Imagine, dear reader, our heroine, Alice: lost in a fungi forest, whose mushroom caps inverted in reach to catch the giant teardrops that fell from her eyes as she shrank. When the frosty wind blows, and the forest freezes solid, the crystalline pools harden into multifaceted domes. Now bring on the Queen of Hearts- painting the roses red? No. Painting the spores silver. A coat of metallic, and the toadstools have transformed into such pleasing prisms that the Queen cannot help but pluck up handfuls to adorn her dress. Or try to, anyway. Those little buggers are stubborn when they want to be. 

Decorative Snaps in pavé, checkerboard, and cabachon styles. 

Swarovski Decorative Snaps

And so, the door closes on the Queen in her latest rage, and we are left to hope that Alice will find a way to bring the jeweled souvenirs back in her pinafore pockets to share in our world above. Well, fret not, for Rhinestones Unlimited introduces the arrival of Rivets and Rose Pins, Snaps and Buttons to our own shelves, and here they wait for you: a well-behaved version of their former Wonderland selves. They will prove a useful tool for those with the courage to follow the path of their uncharted imaginations. As Alice herself so sweetly sang, you can learn a lot of things from the flowers… 

xo, dear reader, see you in Wonderland. 


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