National LIVE CREATIVE DAY - Featuring the Art of Gigi

National LIVE CREATIVE DAY - Featuring the Art of Gigi

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 11th 2019

"Soul Tree" By Gigi Turker

Did you know National Live Creative Day is observed annually on September 14th? Well, it is and it's time to let the world see your creativity all day long!

To Live Creative allows for the exploration of imagination. Celebrate the day by taking the time to invent, discover, and dream. Try infusing creativity in your life through a variety of genres. Whether it’s by painting or rhinestoning to music and gardening, art has an impact on our lives. By expressing our passions and living creative lives, we experience the world. The creative world includes a tremendous sense of freedom. All rules tend to disappear when we unleash our imagination. 

We want to share with you one of our extremely talented customers that lives creatively daily, Gigi Turker and the Art of Gigi. An artist, who combines acrylic paints, Swarovski crystals and other mediums onto her canvas' to create truly unique masterpieces. She was classically trained in Turkey at Ankara Devlet Konservatuari. Her works have been exhibited at galleries, festivals and museums internationally, as well as purchased by private collectors. This includes showings at the WARD-NASSE and the Amsterdam Art Galleries in New York. She also won “The Peoples Choice” award at the Hopkins Art Center three years in a row. There is something absolutely gorgeous about Gigi’s paintings. It’s how she effortlessly blends different mediums together, transitioning between acrylic and crystals to create beautiful pieces of art. She paints beautiful women who not only have style and class but seem to hold a sacred secret. Some of her beautiful collection can be found on her website: Swarovski crystal colors used on this masterpiece were: Volcano, Fuchsia, Fuchsia AB, Rose AB, Fuchsia Shimmer, Crystal AB, and Crystal, in a variety of sizes.                                

Today, we challenge you to start your own Live Creative initiative. Offer classes to share your skill. Take a class to learn a new one. Pick up a craft that once inspired you...and why not add some rhinestones to it like Gigi does? :) Share your passion using: #LiveCreativeDay. If you do include some awesome crystals from, don's forgot us too: #RhinestonesUnlimited