NEW Swarovski DeLite Colors

NEW Swarovski DeLite Colors

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 19th 2019

LOVE ALL Crystal and Emotions - Unfolding the Passion of Creativity

As an extension of the Lacquer Pro color family, Swarovski announces the addition of five new Delite Effect colors with their Fall/Winter 2020/21 product innovation launch titled LOVE ALL.

Highlights from Innovations & Inspirations Fall/Winter 2020/21

"Romantic symbols with enduring significance, powerful reminders of the universal emotions that drive us all, find a place in our crystal assortment for Fall/Winter 2020/21.  Pure, radiant and sophisticated, they share the limelight with new stones of spectacular brilliance ranging from subtle to punchy, symmetrical to asymmetrical, mini to maxi, edgy to opulent.  Dazzling new crystal colors penetrate our consciousness, deepening our connection with nature and the continuing focus on the organic in design." 

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Swarovski DeLite Rhinestones - Lotus Pink             Swarovski DeLite Rhinestones - Royal Red             Swarovski DeLite Rhinestones - Orange Glow

Crystal Lotus Pink DeLite     Crystal Royal Red DeLite     Crystal Orange Glow DeLite

Swarovski DeLite Rhinestones - Silky Sage             Swarovski DeLite Rhinestones - Royal Blue

Crystal Silky Sage DeLite     Crystal Royal Blue DeLite