Ovation Marquis Collection - New For Ballroom

Ovation Marquis Collection - New For Ballroom

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Nov 3rd 2017

Ovation Performance Jewelry & Accessories™, made with Swarovski® crystals, recently launched products for ballroom dance at the United States Dance Championship (USDC). These eye-catching accessories give new competitors the opportunity to look polished and professional on a Bronze Level budget plus allows a pro to change up her look without breaking the bank. 

The Marquis Collection is designed to be an easy and elegant update to basic practice wear. Add a crystal belt and an applique, throw on a matching set of jewelry, and you’ve got a costume to be proud of – a costume featuring Swarovski crystals that looks as elegant as any on the floor, with the sparkle of the finest crystal in the world! 

Not only can the pieces in the Marquis Collection grow with the amateur dancer as her skills – and dance level – increase, but they’re versatile enough to allow professionals to change their look when they take the floor with students of different levels and styles. The pieces pack light, cost little, and sparkle brilliantly! Watch how it works! Marquis Collection Video.

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