Ovation Performance Jewelry and accessories

Ovation Performance Jewelry and accessories

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 20th 2017

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Ovation Crystal Rock Jewelry“Ovation.” Did you know? Rhinestones Unlimited conceptualized an exclusive line of premium crystal accessories for our competition dance customers with the help of all our employees. In fact, our “Chipper Shipper,” Kara, inspired the name Ovation Performance Jewelry & Accessories™: “What I like about this word is that it promotes the performance aspect of our customers, but also gives a sense of excellence.” 

Model wearing crystal rock headband and choker

Featuring Swarovski® crystal embellishments, the line includes Ovation Appliques™ and a collection of jewelry created with the unique all-over sparkle of Swarovski® Crystal Rock. The surface of these pieces- chokers, bracelets, earrings, headbands and headpieces- are covered solid with faceted crystal pieces in metallic blends. Backed by soft ultrasuede, they’re flexible and comfortable to wear. They’re adjustable. (Check out the stunning Swarovski® crystal snaps adding some extra attitude to the bracelets.) With contemporary or baroque styling, the Ovation Performance Jewelry™ collection is versatile and on trend. “These pieces aren't meant to ‘steal the show’ from the art that's in play - they are pieces to help highlight and make a performer stand out from the rest - to give someone that cutting edge.”

Crystal Rock Headband and Bracelet

With the Ovation Performance Jewelry & Accessories™, we worked to bring you the highest level of technique, artistry, harmony and the wow factor for the best show possible. Sound familiar? Yeah…we know competition dance; we know dancesport; we know ballroom. We have high standards, too. We made this detail easy for you. “Don't just choose jewelry. Choose Ovation.” -xo- Jemm 

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