Preciosa Price Increase- An Offer of Some Relief for Our Customers

Preciosa Price Increase- An Offer of Some Relief for Our Customers

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 3rd 2023

Rhinestones Unlimited Absorbs Much of The Increase- Jan-March 2023!
Preciosa Global Price Increase

Preciosa Components announced in the fall of 2022 that they would be implementing their largest global price increase of 10% on January 1, 2023.  With energy and labor costs skyrocketing in their region, Preciosa was left with no choice- they are implementing this global price increase and also slowing production during the coldest winter months of January and February. 

Rhinestones Unlimited Response

Since the busiest two months of the year for our loyal customers are January and February, we sprung into action filling our shelves at 2022 prices.  We are proud to announce that because of our efforts, we are able to absorb much of the price increase and roll out this increase in smaller increments.  

Support of our Loyal Customers

As of Today, January 3, 2023, our plan to roll out the price increase on MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa and LUX European Crystal (Manufactured in the Preciosa factories), is as follows:

January 6, 2023- 3.3% Increase

February 2, 2023- 3.3% Increase

March 2, 2023- 3.3% Increase

Based on the order volume response, this plan may need to be adjusted based on the amount of replacement inventory we will need to order and the timing.  If the plan changes, we will reach out by email in advance.  So, the sooner you place your orders, the better your pricing.  

Thank-you Dear Customers

Every January we are so grateful for our returning customers.  Your energy and creativity inspires us and gives us a clear purpose- have crystals of all price levels ready for your projects!  We hope to once again earn your trust and loyalty.  Happy 2023- Cheers to you and your joy and success this season!

Angela Peery

Founder & CEO

Rhinestones Unlimited Inc.