Preciosa's Home: Welcome to Crystal Valley

Preciosa's Home: Welcome to Crystal Valley

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jul 29th 2021

Welcome to Crystal Valley, Home to Preciosa Crystals

Travel to the Czech Republic where more than 300 years ago, Crystal Valley gave birth to Bohemian Crystal. It's the only place on earth where unique natural resources and the love of glassmaking for over 470 years come together! Preciosa is a global leader in products manufactured from crystal. Founded upon the ideals of quality, durability, and Innovation, Preciosa has throughout the centuries achieved new technological breakthroughs and introduced the world over to the truly captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystals. Made with the finest locally sourced raw ingredients, Preciosa crystals are unparalleled in both quality and shine. Every stone is carefully handcrafted using centuries old glassmaking techniques and natural Bohemian sand, notoriously rich in silica dioxide, which gives the stones their signature shine. Rhinestones Unlimited is proud to be a Preciosa Authorized Partner. 


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MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa®

MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa, the new lead premium branded European crystal available for your luxury hand-crafted custom creations. We are proud to bring you MAXIMA Crystal, Preciosa’s premium line of crystals. Please request a sample to compare the quality and sparkle for yourself.