Rhinestone Estimating Guide Calculator

Rhinestone Estimating Guide Calculator

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Nov 29th 2023

How many rhinestones do I need for my project?

Our simple rhinestone calculator is helpful. First determine the desired rhinestone design and then follow these simple steps for an estimate on how many rhinestones you will need for your project.


Use the visual to determine how many rhinestones per square inch you would like for your design. Measure the area of your project you would like to scatter rhinestones, and multiply the number of square inches by the number from the visual representation.

To measure square inches, take the length times the width of the area. For example, the front of my t-shirt is 16 inches long by 12 inches wide, so the number of square inches is 16x12= 192.

For a garment or odd shaped project, you will have to estimate. For example, when measuring a leotard it is helpful to measure one sleeve and multiply times two, the front of a bodice, the back of a bodice. You can always measure triangles or circles as a square (simple length and width of the widest areas) which will just add some extra stones to make up for the margin of error. Remember, this is an estimate! You may want to use up those extra stones to fill in more or for a future coordinating project.


First measure the space you would like to fill and then use this calculation PER SQUARE INCH:

12ss = 68 STONES

16ss = 43 STONES

20ss = 30 STONES

30ss = 16 STONES

34ss = 13 STONES


If you mix stones, you will need to determine the approximate mix of stones and then use the rhinestone fill calculator above. An example is that for a project filling 10 SQUARE INCHES with mostly (half) 30ss, some (one quarter) 20ss, and some (one quarter) 12ss, use this method to calculate the number of rhinestones you need.

12ss = 68 STONES PER SQUARE INCH divided by FOUR (one quarter) = 17 STONES PER SQURE INCH times 10 SQUARE INCHES = 170 STONES

20ss = 30 STONES PER SQUARE INCH divided by FOUR (one quarter) = 7.5 STONES PER SQUARE INCH times 10 SQUARE INCHES = 75 STONES

30ss = 16 STONES PER SQUARE INCH divided by TWO (half) = 8 STONES times 10 SQUARE INCHES = 80 STONES

Finally, a good idea is to always round up to the closest gross in case any of your estimating is off or you decide to add more stones than originally anticipated. For this project we would recommend buying 2 gross (288 stones) of 12ss, 1 gross (144 stones) of 20ss, and 1 gross (144) of 30ss.


Use the visual to determine how many rhinestones per LINEAR INCH you desire, then measure the length of the lines you want to create.

For a garment such as a leotard, you may want to line the neckline. Use a fabric measuring tape to get an accurate length around the curve of the neck and around the back. Lets say it is 20 inches and you like the spacing of 4- 30ss rhinestones per inch. Take 40 LINEAR INCHES and multiply times 2 for a total of 80 inches. As with scattering, we recommend rounding up to the closest gross or half gross for larger stones, so we would recommend ½ gross (72 STONES) of 30ss rhinestones.


For a solid line, use this calculation:

Number of LINEAR INCHES x 25.4 (to convert to mm sizes) = ____________

Then, divide by the millimeter size of the rhinestone you desire.

3.1 for 12ss

3.9 for 16ss

4.7 for 20ss

6.4 for 30ss

7.2 for 34ss

For the same garment mentioned above, the calculation would be 20 LINEAR INCHES x 25.4 for mm size = 508 millimeters. Then 508 divided by 6.4 for 30ss stones = 80 STONES. Round up to 1 gross (144 STONES).


Rhinestone Estimating Guide Download

Rhinestones Estimating Guide


If you would like a physical guide with visuals and a stone sizer tool for quick reference, check out these COOL TOOLS at