Rhinestones Unlimited; Our Core Values

Rhinestones Unlimited; Our Core Values

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited Leadership Team on Dec 6th 2021

Our Four Core Values

When businesses speak about their values and culture – People often tune out. They don’t relate to that carefully worded statement from a CEO, or a member of the Leadership team, as meaning anything “real” for them. They often just hear words. Much like the adult voices in a Charlie Brown cartoon – “Wha-wa, wa-wa, wa”.

A company’s real values are defined in the actions and behaviors of the employees, and its management. Not by words on a paper, not by a slogan on a sign. Our team at Rhinestones Unlimited has identified the kind of behaviors and attitudes we want to surround ourselves with, as we set out to serve our amazing customers.

We settled on four values that we will strive for and measure ourselves against. Those four values are;

Strive to be the Best (seeks Excellence, (to be) an Industry Leader)

It sounds cliché’. Everyone says they want to be “the best”. Very few actually are. We are not saying we ARE the Best. We have adopted “Strive to be the Best” as a company value – an ongoing journey.

We are committed to pursue Excellence within our Industry. Incorporating best practices into our processes, efforts and operations. Our mindset is to be an Industry Driver and a superhero for our customers; when they need products or services, we are prepared and ready to deliver!

Support with Compassion (Act with purpose, empathy and understanding)

This business was started to allow dance studios to buy costume embellishments below retail pricing, and then sell those rhinestones to their students at retail pricing; to give dance studios another revenue source; To support dance studios. Over time that basic concept has survived. Our customer base has expanded beyond just dance studios, but at its core, this business exists to support artists. Artists such as teachers, costumers, dancers, skaters, artist athletes, performers, nail artists, designers and craftsmen.

Support with compassion for us means that we will support our customers and co-workers by listening and solving problems. A goal is to always assume good intentions; be willing to go the extra mile and do our best to foster loyal and trusting relationships. We hope to save the day with our compassion superpower! If we can help our customers and co-workers succeed, we succeed.

We Get It! (industry expertise, unlimited with possibilities, we understand and make it happen)

In addition to striving to be the best in our Industry, we need to be experts in our industry. We know our markets, recognize trends, and support our customer’s artistic ideas (no matter how crazy!) with our vast knowledge of rhinestones, trims and performance sparkle.

We are committed to staying atop of new products, new ideas, new trends; all to help solve issues for our customer with our product selection, product availability, service and design capabilities.

We understand the dance studio business, we understand costume embellishment, and we understand beauty supply; we understand the industries, the challenges, the opportunities for our customers to succeed; we understand what customers are looking for. We work closely with Preciosa who also “gets it” with their unwavering support of their distribution partners and their customers. We have incredible, long lasting, and loyal relationships with our manufacturers. Together, we are not just a manufacturer and distributor- we are industry experts!

Do the Right Thing (Honesty, Integrity, Ethical behavior)

When we talk of “Do the Right Thing” you already, instinctively, know what that means; act with integrity, communicate honestly with each other, our customer, and our business partners and vendors.

So, how does that translate into a core value for the company?

Do the Right Thing for Rhinestones Unlimited simply means we expect our employees and each other on our leadership team to be honorable and honest. To act with integrity when dealing with our customers, business partners and each other. Simply put, we aim to be a good supplier, a good partner, a good co-worker.

Treat each other and our customers as we’d like to be treated, regardless of the circumstances. - It’s not any more complicated than that.

1) Strives to be the Best. Seeks Excellence/(to be)an Industry Leader
2) Support with Compassion, (Act with purpose, empathy and understanding)
3) We Get It! (Industry experts, unlimited with possibilities, we make it happen)
4) Do the Right Thing (honesty, integrity, ethical behavior)

Four core values that we believe currently exist in our business. Four core values that we will seek out in new hires and hold all employees accountable to. Four Values that we will use in evaluating our employees, processes, and business decisions as we move forward.


The leadership team at Rhinestones Unlimited

Ken, Angie, Julia, Matt, and Randy