Spotlight On...Pat, Filling

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Mar 28th 2013

In my sleuthing journalism, I've uncovered some sweet, some smarmy truths about the folks behind your glittering Rhinestone Unlimited packages. Who are these people on the other side of your order, really? I've dug deep with scrutinizing questions, and quote the workers in their own words [with some spelling and grammatical corrections. Also, I have interjected my own comments in brackets]. Read on, dear readers- the sublime exposés will shock and intimidate! 

Hey you in the booth- turn that spotlight on... ...Pat!


Nicknames: The Mangler/HS Football 

Number of years at Rhinestones Unlimited: 1.5 

Favorite movie about stones: Cheech & Chong 

Movie you think could use more sparkle: Chicago 

Your position at Rhinestones Unlimited: Filling [your order, of course] 

Your area of expertise in the rhinestone universe: Picking them up off the floor at comps [Pat and his wife, Andrea -our poised front-of-house employee- own and teach at a ballroom studio. They're no strangers to the swanky side of rhinestones on the dance floor] 

The great debate: Milli or Vanilli? 

Favorite rhinestone-related adjective: Stoned? [yep, that counts!] 

Pet Peeve: Reception [rude.] 

Best words of rhinestone wisdom: Order early 

How to calm a rhinestone emergency: Order early 

Don’t be afraid to try: PriceLess Crystal 

Current color of your toenails, matched to a stone color: Blue magma (not a real color.) 

Activity you would like to try in the rhinestone world: Owning a franchise 

The hot forecast- the next big rhinestone market: Navy Seals 

Favorite thing about being based in MN: Where I live 

Current drink of choice: Who is buying?

In-house product you think is underrated: Reception [yay!] 

The current song playing in your head: Kool and the Gang- "Get your back up off the wall" 

Three things still on your bucket list: Rob a bank, getaway car [driving or owning?], then I want the letter M stricken from the English language 

Three things you’ve already crossed off: Mowed the lawn, cleaned the kitchen- forget that last one 

Favorite thing about Rhinestones Unlimited: Getting others stoned 

Ryan Gosling, hot or not? Isn’t he a little bird? 

This, dear reader, is what I consider a successful interview. Generally content to fill your orders all day long with nary a peep, we find that Pat (not Patrick- he's in the sales office) is a dry-witted, chivalrous, hard-working enigma who will sweep you off your feet with a cha-cha and a dip. I can only assume the pieces he gathers for you are sad to part with him. 

More heavy-hitting journalism to come, stay tuned... 



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