Spotlight On...Patrick, Customer Service & Sales

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Mar 25th 2013

In my sleuthing journalism, I've uncovered some sweet, some smarmy truths about the folks behind your glittering Rhinestone Unlimited packages. Who are these people on the other side of your order, really? I've dug deep with scrutinizing questions, and quote the workers in their own words [with some spelling and grammatical corrections. Also, I have interjected my own comments in brackets]. Read on, dear readers- the sublime exposés will shock and intimidate! 

Hey you in the booth- turn that spotlight on... ...Patrick!


Nicknames: Peej, P Jiddy, Patty Cakes, Sponge Bob 

Number of years at Rhinestones Unlimited: 1+ 

Movie you think could use more sparkle: Enchanted 

Your position at Rhinestones Unlimited: SELL! SELL!! SELL!!! 

Your area of expertise in the rhinestone universe: Pick-N-Sticks 

The great debate: Dorado vs. Aurum [Swarovski] 

Pet Peeve: When people leave the caps off of pens [and the office has been chastised for this move- sorry, P Jid!] 

Best words of rhinestone wisdom: Dot the glue, no lines [good one! This is preventative maintenance, on par with knotting each pearl on a strand]

How to calm a rhinestone emergency: With precision and breath 

Don’t be afraid to try: Parkour [yeah...he's tried this one plenty- around the office. Those random sneaker prints on the walls only point to one man...] 

Current color of your toenails, matched to a stone color: Crystal

Activity you would like to try in the rhinestone world: Stoning a color chart 

The hot forecast- the next big rhinestone market: Sculptures 

Favorite thing about being based in MN: Black Label Movement is here [Patrick is a professional dance performer between answering your calls] 

Current drink of choice: Water or whole milk 

In-house product you think is underrated: Total Gym [clearly, he's referring to his own house here, not Rhinestones Unlimited] 

The current song playing in your head: Get out of my dreams, and into my car [Billy Ocean- classic!] 

Three things still on your bucket list: Create a bucket list, skydive, dance in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia [...three?] 

Three things you’ve already crossed off: Fly a plane, Dance professionally, Meet bio-mom

Favorite thing about Rhinestones Unlimited: Family feel 

Ryan Gosling, hot or not? Always looking good… I’m okay with the close second. ;) 

Ah, Patrick (not Pat- Pat's in the warehouse. This is Patrick). Spritely prankster, vertical mastermind, and the man behind your glowing customer service recommendations. Let him woo you with that intoxicating phone voice of his. More heavy-hitting journalism to come, stay tuned... 



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