Swarovski Cabachons & Pearls

Swarovski Cabachons & Pearls

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Mar 25th 2019

Beautiful Swarovski pearls and jet hematite cabochons are now available in several shapes lending texture, depth and elegance to your crystal design.  Most pearl cabochon styles are available in hot fix which can be applied with an iron, heat press or simply glue in place as you would any flat back rhinestone or embellishment.  

Swarovski 2081/2 Round

Swarovski 2208/4 Cabochon Navette

Swarovski 2308/4 Cabochon Drop (Pear)

Swarovski 2408/4 Cabochon Square

In addition to this collection, we also carry several classic pearl styles.