Tips for Washing Items That Have Rhinestones

Tips for Washing Items That Have Rhinestones

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Dec 12th 2023

We all love the glitz and glamour that rhinestone-adorned apparel and accessories bring to our lives, but it can sometimes be a pain to care for these bedazzled beauties. You can’t enjoy your glitzy fashion statement without giving it the right TLC! That’s where we swoop in with our dazzling guide to washing items that have rhinestones. We’re sharing some insider tips to help you keep your shiny possessions in tip-top shape!

Turn the Item Inside Out Before Washing

First, let’s start with the basics. Turning your embellished clothing inside out before washing is a must-do. It may seem simple, but this step goes a long way in protecting your rhinestones during the wash. By turning your clothes inside out, you’re creating a protective barrier between the rhinestones and the washing machine’s agitator or other clothing items, lessening the chances of any damage or dislodging.

Use a Gentle Detergent

Remember, you want to show your rhinestone-embellished items some love and care, so choose your detergent wisely. It's always a good idea to opt for a mild detergent when washing your sparkling garments since strong detergents may deteriorate the glue or fabric holding the rhinestones in place. Plus, a gentle detergent will maintain the garment’s overall quality, so you can keep rocking your bling with confidence.

Skip the Prewash Sprays

Prewash sprays may promise fabulous stain-fighting power, but they’re not always your friend when it comes to washing items that have rhinestones. These sprays can be harsh on the rhinestones and the adhesive that secures them to your clothing. So, play it safe and skip the prewash sprays, focusing instead on spot cleaning with a soft cloth.

Choose the Gentle Cycle and Cold Water

Your washing machine’s gentle cycle is the perfect setting for your rhinestone-adorned clothes. The gentle cycle uses a slower spin speed, which minimizes the potential for dislodging the rhinestones during the wash. Additionally, always use cold water when washing items that have rhinestones. Cold water maintains fabric and adhesive integrity, reducing the risk of damage to your sparkly gems.

Consider Handwashing

Sometimes, there’s no better way to ensure your rhinestones stay intact than through the good ol’ handwashing method. Fill your sink with cold water and gentle detergent, then carefully wash your garment, focusing on the non-embellished sections. Rinse well and lay flat to dry.

Taking care of your rhinestone-encrusted wardrobe is a breeze when you follow these tips for washing items that have rhinestones! And if you’re feeling inspired to add more sparkle to your life, check out, where you can find sew-on rhinestones in bulk for all of your dazzling DIY projects. Happy washing, and may your rhinestones shine as bright as you do!