Choose Your Quality

Choose Your Quality

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Rhinestones Unlimited carries different qualities of rhinestones to suit different budgets. We are "unlimited" in our selection of flat back crystals offering the most extensive selection of qualities and price points with deep stock. We currently carry four different qualities of non-fix flat back rhinestones, our best-selling and most versatile product:

  • Swarovski®
  • LUX Austrian Crystal™
  • Preciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal
  • PriceLess Crystal

We currently carry two qualities of hotfix flat back rhinestones:

  • Swarovski®
  • LUX Austrian Crystal™

We currently carry one quality of Sew On and Fancy Stones:

  • Swarovski®


 Flat back rhinestones—also referred to as flat back crystals when they are made of a crystal material—are loose rhinestones used on clothing, decor and other accessories. The back side (which, yes, is flat) is usually coated with a type of foil, which acts as a mirror to reflect the light back through the rhinestone. Flat back rhinestones can be applied with glue or by using metal settings to secure them to fabric. For more information, please see our page Choose Your Attachment Method.



Celebrating 120 years of innovation in 2015, Swarovski® has long been recognized as the highest quality crystal in the world. Manufactured in Austria, their revolutionary lead-free Advanced Crystal recipe maintains the unmatched brilliance that designers of all genres have been inspired by for generations. Swarovski® stays leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors, offering the widest range of crystal shapes, sizes, colors and specialty embellishments. 

Rhinestones Unlimited is a Swarovski® Authorized Reseller. Any product Swarovski® manufactures can be ordered, whether or not it is part of our regular stock.

Shop Swarovski® flat backs, or browse through the full line of Swarovski® offerings. 

LUX Austrian Crystal™


The LUX Austrian Crystal™ line is a Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive, debuting in 2015.  Also made in Austria, a region with a rich history of crystal innovation and craftsmanship, this lead-free crystal is among the most advanced on the market. Extracting the deepest depths of light with 9+3 faceting for a total of 12 cuts, every detail from pure ingredients and angles to durable foiling and premier colors and effects—even hotfix glue application—employs some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world.

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Preciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal


Preciosa® is a world-leading producer of cut crystal, based in a region that has housed artists of crystal mastery and tradition since the ----- century. Preciosa® has created a brilliant crystal collection that our customers love, with the second-largest selection of colors, sizes and shapes. The VIVA12® stone features 12 pristine facets, which allow the rich shades to come through in beautiful radiance.

Shop Preciosa® flat backs or browse through the entire line of Preciosa® offerings.

PriceLess Crystal


The PriceLess Crystal line is a Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive, debuting in 2013. A low-cost, high-quality crystal brought in especially for performers, it sparkles in the most desired colors and sizes requested by dancers. With 10 facets, the AAA grade of quality and a great price point, PriceLess Crystal is the most cost-effective crystal on the market! Our customers find this is a great rhinestone to mix with other qualities to create an encrusted, pave crystal look for a lower price.

Shop PriceLess Crystal flat backs.