Adhesive for Crystals on Nails | GEMGEL Adhesive 5ml

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GEMGEL Adhesive
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Best value when purchased in a 6 container package. Also available to purchase as a single bottle. GEMGEL Adhesive™is a resin adhesive that cures like a gel. A UV/LED is required to cure the GEMGEL Adhesive™. Use it to create higher quality, longer lasting crystal manicures or on any hard surface. Create beautiful crystal cell phone covers, set crystals into a metal jewelry bezel, or use it to add rhinestones an acetate hair barrette. GEMGEL Adhesive™ cures to a tack-free, high gloss clear finish. Acetone will break down and soften the gel once cured. Instructions: Using a gel brush, apply GEMGEL Adhesive™ to the area where crystals are desired. Apply the crystals to the area and press down into the GEMGEL Adhesive™, creating a bed for the crystal. Cure for 60 seconds LED or 2 minutes UV. You can apply more gel around the perimeter of the crystals and cure again for extra security, but it is not required for a strong bond.

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