MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa Flatback Rhinestones Biarritz 12ss

$10.95 - $64.63
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Preciosa Crystal
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Best value when purchased in 10 gross packages (1440 pieces).

Small retail-ready pack contains 144 pieces.  Best value for small retail-ready packs is when purchasing 3 packs of 144 pieces.

MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa® is the highest quality European branded crystal available

MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa is the lead premium branded European crystal available for your luxury hand-crafted custom creations and Preciosa's most premium line of crystals. If you are looking for the lower cost Preciosa Viva12 crystals, please shop our website for LUX Austrian Crystal.

Preciosa is a global leader in manufacturing of crystal products with a history of ethical business practices and support of their partners and customers. Their true craftsmanship and high quality crystal production has been present in the Crystal Valley region of Bohemia since the 16th century. Rhinestones Unlimited is proud to be a Preciosa Authorized Partner.  Their long heritage, support of artists across the globe, and integrity should be noted; however, the quality of the crystal will be most obvious when adding sparkle, luxury, and value to your hand-crafted, custom creations. It is our pleasure to share these authentic Bohemian crystals with you, our loyal and creative customers in dance, costuming, nails, beauty, art, and DIY.  Supporting artists and creative small businesses is a shared goal of our team at Rhinestones Unlimited and our representatives from Preciosa.

What makes MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa the best crystal available for your projects?

Meets the highest industry standards of quality and ecological certification

Superior faceting which provides maximum brilliance

Additional cuts for unrivalled optical properties and light refraction

Strict sorting and quality control provide consistency in size, shape and sparkle

Proven, durable and extremely stable foiling and hot-fix glue

A silver reflective layer that offers more intense light reflection

Luxurious packaging portraying top value and qualityBrand use available for your products which use MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa


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