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Updated October 2023

Our exclusive Color Sample Card allows you to see the full spectrum of this crystal with your own eyes—over 100 colors and effects! For your convenience, 20ss flat back crystals are mounted on a clear acetate sheet. You can then place your project materials under the sheet to see exactly how the colors interact in your design. A size chart is printed on the back side. Colors may not be available in every size.

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MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa, the new lead premium branded European crystal available for your luxury hand-crafted custom creations.  We are proud to bring you MAXIMA Crystal, Preciosa’s premium line of crystals.  Please request a sample to compare the quality and sparkle for yourself. 

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What makes MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa the best crystal available for your projects?

Meets the highest industry standards of quality and ecological certification

Superior faceting which provides maximum brilliance

Additional cuts for unrivalled optical properties and light refraction

Strict sorting and quality control provide consistency in size, shape and sparkle

Proven, durable and extremely stable foiling and hot-fix glue

A silver reflective layer that offers more intense light reflection

Luxurious packaging portraying top value and quality

Brand use available for your products which use MAXIMA Crystal by Preciosa

Premium Branded European Crystal Since 1548

The first glass kiln was ignited in 1548 in the picturesque, mountainous region of Northern Bohemia, known today as Crystal Valley. It was here that a new industry emerged over the next several hundred years in the workshops and ateliers scattered across the majestic Jizera mountains. In the heart of it all was, and still is, a small town called Jablonec nad Nisou, where 25 independent glassmakers came together exactly four centuries later in 1948 to establish one supreme crystal manufacturer: Preciosa.

Quality, Durability, and Innovation

Founded upon the ideals of quality, durability, and Innovation, Preciosa has throughout the centuries achieved new technological breakthroughs and introduced the world over to the truly captivating and timeless quality of authentically crafted Bohemian crystals.

Made with the finest locally sourced raw ingredients, Preciosa crystals are unparalleled in both quality and shine. Every stone is carefully handcrafted using centuries old glassmaking techniques and natural Bohemian sand, notoriously rich in silica dioxide, which gives the stones their signature shine.

Social Responsibility

Preciosa believes in their responsibility to maintain our beautiful planet and its natural resources.  Their corporate responsibility goes beyond the protection of natural resources to include the human resources and customers who use their products. They strive to ensure safety for those who use our products and enforce environmentally safe working conditions that utilize ecologically responsible technologies.

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