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Starcut Crystal
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Starcut Crystal™ Flat Back Rhinestones

This premium line features the popular 2088 Xirius faceting and a selection of 69 colors in flatback rhinestones. Pick up a Color Sample Card, featuring one 20ss Starcut flat back rhinestones in each of the 69 colors, to choose the most beautiful color combinations for your project.


A crystal that was written in the stars and exceeds expectations. Every act and deed of goodness brightens the sky and we believe the Starcut Crystal™ will bring you light with faceting inspired by the brilliant stars in the night sky. A U.S. brand with high quality standards for crystal clarity, faceting, and on-stage sparkle, Starcut Crystal is the best Swarovski 2088 crystal alternative. Globally sourced with an affordable price point, you will not be disappointed in the value of this beautiful crystal line.

What makes Starcut Crystal™ a great option for your project?

  • U.S. branded 2088 star faceted rhinestones from a trusted distributor with the highest quality standards
  • Classic 16 faceted 2088 flat back rhinestone for the most brilliant light refraction
  • Popular color range including Crystal, Crystal AB, Crystal Shimmer, Delite and Neon Diamond Colors
  • Strict U.S. sorting and quality control provide consistency in size, shape, and sparkle
  • The most comprehensive selection of quality large sew on rhinestone jewels
  • Bright reflective layer that offers even more light reflection
  • Available inventory when you need it with no brand control agreements


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