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Starcut Crystal™

A crystal that was written in the stars and exceeds expectations.  Every act and deed of goodness brightens the sky and we believe the Starcut Crystal™ will bring you light with faceting inspired by the brilliant stars in the night sky. 

Starcut Crystal 2088 flat back and sew on rhinestones are not sold by the gross but instead a varied number of crystals so that all packages sell for the same affordable price point. In smaller quantity packages, this is a great way to reduce the work involved in counting crystals for each performers costumes.  It also makes it very easy to budget and figure labor costs per package.  

The desirable 2088 star cut faceting provides the signature look of the Starcut Crystal round flat back rhinestones. The Starcut Crystal sew on rhinestones are the very best sew on crystals currently available in the market.  The quality of both the flat back and sew on rhinestones took years to find and have been carefully selected by our expert crystal artists at Rhinestones Unlimited.  We recommend these beautiful rhinestones for you crystal creations. 

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What makes Starcut Crystal™ a great option for my project?

·Affordable 2088 star cut faceting in the most popular Crystal, Crystal AB and Crystal Shimmer

·16 faceted 2088 flat back rhinestones with beautiful light refraction

·The most comprehensive selection of Crystal and Crystal AB top quality sew on rhinestones

·Available inventory when you need it and no brand control agreements

·Premium aluminum foiling

In November 2020, Swarovski announced a massive corporate restructuring focused on the protection of their brand usage.  The brand name Swarovski, as of November 2021, will only be used for strategic luxury partnerships.  Factory layoffs, reduced capacity, inventory shortages, and brand control agreements are a just a few issues that resellers and brand owners will face.  When faced with the decision on which direction to go, Rhinestones Unlimited used the words of C.E.O. Robert Buchbauer to decide on our new direction. 

From Swarovski C.E.O. Robert Buchbauer: “After years of exuberant expansion, Swarovski needs to refocus and learn that less is more. That means exiting the low-margin wholesale business where cheaper competition from Egypt or China has dented profit.” (Mathias/Gretler 2020)

Resource: Wabl, Matthias and Gretler, Corrinne (2020, August 20) Cracks in the Crystal Kingdom. Bloomberg.

Our team immediately started searching the globe for a high-quality 2088 star cut flat back rhinestone and selection of first-rate sew on crystals as a replacement for the Swarovski products we have provided to the dance, performing arts, and costuming industries for so many years. We are confident that the crystals that our expert team has found will meet our customers high expectations for quality and inventory availability.  We are proud of our efforts to bring you this beautiful selection that we truly believe was written in the stars!