BeJeweler Pro Hot Fix Rhinestone Setting Tool

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The BeJeweler Pro hotfix applicator is a hand-held tool, sometimes called a hotfix wand. The package includes 8 tips: 6ss, 8ss, 10ss, 16ss, 20ss, 30ss, 34ss, and flat tip (hot spot); plus stand and brush.

This model of the BeJeweler Pro Hot Fix Tool has a two prong Type A wall plug with on/off switch for USA, Canada, and South America. Use a wall plug adapter for other countries. Quality features include patented design, copper wiring, double insulation, no dangerous heat vents, and UL, CUL, and CE approvals.

True ergonomic design provides the utmost comfort to apply rhinestones quickly. Short nozzle for precision placement of crystals. Precision tips pickup and apply hot fix crystals. Hot Spot tip applies other sizes and types of hot fix embellishments.


  • The shortest nozzle of any tool - rest your hand on table surface while working.
  • Patented handle design - truly ergonomic for ultimate comfort
  • Thermoplastic composition soft handle
  • Universal voltage works in any country
  • Matching Cleaning Brush
  • On/Off Switch
  • 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm rhinestone tips
  • 4mm Hot Spot tip applies other sizes and types of hot fix embellishments
  • Pattern/instruction insert

This item was formally known as the BeJeweler Pro Universal Classic Hot Fix Tool.

Customer review: "I tried out the BeJeweler today and I looove it! I am a fashion design student at Syracuse University and I am using the BeJeweler to embellish accessories and garments for my senior thesis. Thank you!” -Avery Carter

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