20th Anniversary Sample Card Giveaway!

20th Anniversary Sample Card Giveaway!

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 12th 2019

UPDATE Sept 2019: We are in our last month of CELEBRATING 20 YEARS IN COLOR!



Offer expires October 15, 2019


Can’t get enough color?

We’re giving away a FREE Color Sample Card showcasing a commemorative collection of exclusive, rare and unique crystal colors- all part of our 20th Anniversary celebration!

Color Sample Cards are a studio essential for serious designers.  As color is arguably the most compelling element of design- certainly a large part of the overall mood and impact- a Color Sample Card is the truest representation of the colors you shop for.

Each Color Sample Card features an actual crystal in size 20ss in every available color of the brand.  Hand-made in house at Rhinestones Unlimited, these Color Sample Cards can’t be found anywhere else.  The stones are attached to a transparent film so you can slip your fabric underneath to view how the crystal interacts with your materials.  Each card includes a printed size chart on the back. There are three cards available for purchase, one for each of our crystal quality lines, and each are invaluable to help you eliminate the guesswork of choosing your crystal embellishments. The purchase of any card will qualify your order for the FREE  Celebrating 20 Years in COLOR Sample Card.

For the next year- October 2018 through September 2019- any order that includes a Swarovski®, LUX or Preciosa Color Sample Card will be gifted a FREE color sample card of our exclusive 20th Anniversary Color collection, giving you a firsthand experience of these out-of-production, Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive, brand new or limited edition colors and effects we have curated thanks to our 20 year history of partnerships with the high-quality brands you love.  These colors and effects may not last forever and we will be adding new colors periodically throughout the year- keep an eye on 20 Year Colors for the current availability.  

Please note: There is no need to add the FREE Color Sample Card to your cart – it will ship automatically from October 2018 through September 2019.

Swarovski® Color Sample Card:

Our top luxury brand is also the highest quality on the market- the crystal that everyone compares themselves to.  The brand on the cutting edge of innovation, Swarovski® adds new colors and effects each spring and autumn in anticipation of upcoming trends.  Rhinestones Unlimited updates our Swarovski® Color Sample Card every year.  There are currently an amazing array of 147 colors and effects available, including in-production colors and some special out-of-program colors that we are able to stock.

LUX Color Sample Card:

A Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive brand, these pristine crystals are made in the Austrian factories and feature our customers’ favorite shades.  Over 80 colors and effects are available in the LUX Austrian Crystal line.  This brand is a true value, giving you some of the highest crystal technology available for a more limited budget.

Preciosa Color Sample Card:

One of the oldest names in crystal, Preciosa manufactures in the Czech Republic expertly blending a rich history of crystal-making tradition with up-to-the-minute modernization.  Now updated annually, our Preciosa Color Sample Card features over 120 colors and effects, including in-production colors and some Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive colors.

Happy hue-ing!

-xo-  Jemm

Learn more about our sample cards and see them in action by visiting 20 Year Colors!