Crystal AB Rhinestones

Crystal AB Rhinestones

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 25th 2019

What is Aurora Borealis? What are AB Rhinestones?

Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB) Rhinestones for Every Budget

Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB) is the most beloved crystal color for dance and performance costuming. The AB coating is an iridescent, rainbow-like coating that mimics the northern lights and can be applied as on top of any standard color rhinestone. One of the many innovations from Swarovski, Crystal AB was introduced in the 1950s. A collaboration between Swarovski and couture icon Christian Dior brought about “the Aurora Borealis effect" on clear crystal which has remained a best-selling staple, beloved in fashion, jewelry and performance.

Rhinestones Unlimited prides ourselves on providing the most reliable supply of Crystal AB rhinestones to dance studios, costume designers, ballroom dress designers, custom costumers, western show apparel designers, rhythmic gymnastics, and other similar customized performance attire designers. We supply four (4) beautiful brands of Crystal AB rhinestones at true wholesale business direct pricing - sparkle for every budget!

Swarovski Crystal; Crystal AB Rhinestones

Preciosa Crystal; Crystal AB Rhinestones

LUX Austrian Crystal; Crystal AB Rhinestones

Priceless Crystal; Inexpensive Crystal AB Rhinestones

Crystal AB Rhinestones