Crystal AB Rhinestones

Crystal AB Rhinestones

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 25th 2019

What is Aurora Borealis? What are AB Rhinestones? Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB) Rhinestones for Every Budget Crystal Aurora Borealis (AB) is the most beloved crystal color for dance and perfo … read more

Sparkle in the New Year 2017

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 11th 2017

Dear reader,  Dearest, loveliest, glitteriest reader. Please excuse my most egregious absence- it’s been six months since I’ve written! There have been so many updates at Rhinestones Unlimited in … read more

How to Transform Dancewear from Studio to Stage

Posted by Rhinestonesu on Jan 17th 2014

The metamorphosis that a costume provides can do wonders for your dance, for both the audience and you. As the performer, the addition of your dressing room routine- applying makeup, arranging your ha … read more

PriceLess Crystal: Dancers' Performance Enhancers

Posted by Rhinestonesu on Nov 4th 2013

We’re no strangers to fantastic costumes- with dozens of dance studios in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, renowned pattern companies, cobblers and costume manufacturers calling the Twin Cities … read more