Tips for Accessorizing Custom Dance Costumes

Tips for Accessorizing Custom Dance Costumes

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Aug 19th 2022

Is this your first-time adding rhinestones to a dance costume? Here's the good news: if you've ever rhinestoned shoes, water bottles, or home decór, the process of rhinestoning costumes is quite similar. That said, there are a few key differences to keep in mind. If you have never rhinestoned anything before, keep reading- it is fairly simple and quite fun! Consider these four tips for accessorizing custom dance costumes.

Set Up Your Workstation

First, you'll want to set up your workstation. Choose a flat, solid surface, like a table, to place your garment and tools on. Whether you choose to stand or sit while you work, make sure you are comfortable.

Grab Your Tools

Next, grab all necessary tools. You'll need a quality glue for adhering the rhinestones to your costume—we recommend E6000, which is a quick-set glue that minimizes rhinestone shifting or sliding. Alternatively, you can use adhesives like Gem-Tac, Jewel It, and Jewel Bond, but these are best used for costumes you can lay flat for rhinestoning. And while not necessary, using a syringe and pick-up tool, like our Pick-Me-Up or Pick-N-Stick tools, can make applying rhinestones much easier.

Stretch Your Fabric First

To start, you'll want to ensure your costume is dry and clean; if the costume will be washed regularly, we recommend pre-washing it before you start. If you're rhinestoning a stretchy material, you will also need to stretch it prior to embellishing. You can stretch costumes over a pillow or piece of cardboard, and tights stretch nicely over 2-liter bottles. This step is essential as it ensures the glue won't transfer from one side of your costume to the next, and the rhinestones sit and dry flat.

Apply the Rhinestones

With your workstation set up and your garment at the ready, you can start to rhinestone! Use the following tips for accessorizing custom dance costumes to ensure a successful result.

  • A crucial rule to follow when rhinestoning: less glue is more. If rhinestoning a stretchy garment, avoid using lines of glue—the line will break and send your rhinestones scattering. Instead, use small dots of glue. However, on metal, plastic, or non-flex garments, lines are perfectly fine.
  • If you're using rhinestone banding, tack it to the garment while the wearer has the costume on. Banding doesn't stretch well, so adhering it this way ensures it will stay in place.
  • If you're working with silicon, pleather (fake leather), or screen-printed material you will want to test your glues. A glue that often works for these tricky materials is Supertite Ninja Flex Professional Grade 2-part Instant Adhesive. Another option for these fabrics is to use metal settings, however, they are not easy to work with. Don't use these settings with more delicate materials, or they'll snag.
  • Do a test run first. Practice rhinestoning on a fabric scrap or paper; this way, you can get a feel for the process without putting your costume at risk.

Using this advice will help the rhinestoning process go more smoothly.

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