Rhinestones 101: Plan Your Project

Rhinestones 101: Plan Your Project

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 29th 2022 can help with all the decisions while you plan your project and work through the design process. Here is our collection of Rhinestones 101 articles.

Plan Your Project

Get ready to create something magnificent! The act of creating something beautiful with top-quality sparkle and your own craftsmanship should be fun and not a daunting task. In our Rhinestones 101 Series, our goal is to give your as much information as possible to help with any creative block, frustration, or procrastination. All of this reading is definitely not required! Relax, design, and enjoy the creative process- reading only what you need to take the next step towards your goal.

If you are adding rhinestones to a dance, gymnastics, skating, or similar performance costume and prefer a video format, check out our classic HOW TO RHINESTONE A DANCE COSTUME video. Even though some glues or tools have changed, we think it aged well and is still very relevant.

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What Type of Rhinestone

What type of rhinestone do I need for my project? You are about to begin your next creative endeavor. You have music pumping and wine chilling. You have a clear vision in your head of what you want to make. But just as you sit down, you realize…

You don’t have a clue what tools you need to actually execute this project. Don’t worry—we’ve ALL been there. That’s where we come in. READ MORE

Choose Brand

What brand (or quality) of rhinestones do I want for my project? Let's talk rhinestone quality; we carry four high quality brands- one of them is the perfect choice for your crystallized creation! READ MORE

Choose your Colors

What color of rhinestones do I want for my project? Whether you are just starting your first rhinestone project or have jazzed up your own stuff for years, learning about your different options can help you strengthen your arsenal of sparkle. READ MORE

Choose Rhinestone Size

What size rhinestones do I need for my project? Narrow down the best rhinestones for your project. Time to talk about rhinestone size.

Ah, the age-old question: does size matter? I’m not sure I can fully answer that in this article, but we have some general theories to guide you when choosing the right rhinestone size for your next creative endeavor.

You will find three units of measurement among our products: Millimeters (mm), Stone Size (SS), and Pearl Plate (PP). The consistent unit you’ll see across our site is millimeters: Flat backs, pointed back, and sew on shapes, beads, and pendants are always referred to in millimeters.

You’ll see Stone Size and Pearl Plate when referring to some round flat back and pointed back cuts. READ MORE

How Many Rhinestones

How many rhinestones do I need for my project? We’re delving into the frequently asked question, How many rhinestones do I need for my project? We have some great tools to help!

I hate to tell you this, but we’re at the portion of rhinestones that comes down to math. You’ve chosen your design statement, method of attachment, and product. You’re ready to get started, right? Except that you don’t know how much you need. (Someone, please insert a big sigh here) The process may seem daunting at first, but we’ll go through a step-by-step guide that's relatively stress-free. READ MORE

What Rhinestone Glue

What rhinestone glue is best for my project? Finding the perfect rhinestone for your project can be a thrilling challenge. Selecting the right glue might not seem as exciting at first, but trust me, it can make or break your project. Today, we’ll talk you through rhinestone glue basics, and you’ll learn how to pick the right one for your next creation. READ MORE