DIY Pride Manicure

DIY Pride Manicure

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jun 24th 2020

DIY Pride ManicureDIY Pride Manicure

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Prepare the nail by applying and curing gel polish or buffing off the top coat where crystals are desired 

2. Apply a nice bead or layer of GEMGEL Adhesive™ 

3. Apply crystals to the area and press into the GEMGEL Adhesive™ creating a “seat” for the crystal 

4. Cure for 2 minutes with UV light or 60 seconds with LED light 

5. Apply a top coat around the crystal design if desired. GEMGEL Adhesive™ is tack free with a gloss finish. Do not apply top coat or GEMGEL Adhesive™ on top of the crystals – it will reduce the sparkle and is not needed because of the strength of the product. 

6. Now go on, be proud, show off that PRIDE rainbow mani!


Originally Created with All Swarovski Crystals!

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