Get Beach Ready by Adding Bling to Your Summer Accessories

Get Beach Ready by Adding Bling to Your Summer Accessories

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jun 13th 2023

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year, and when it arrives, one thing we all love to do is hit the beach. Whether you’re lounging on a beach blanket catching some rays or taking a dip in the ocean, nothing quite captures that laidback summer feeling like a day at the beach. But why settle for plain old beach accessories when you can add some serious bling? From sparkling sandals to shimmery sunhats, there are plenty of ways to dress up your look without sacrificing style or comfort. Get beach ready with these summer accessories you can bling out to take your trip to the shore from ordinary to extraordinary!

Blinged-Out Beach Towels

Gone are the days when a simple, solid-colored beach towel was enough for a day next to the water. Elevate your beach lounging experience with a blinged-out towel that makes a statement. Add a touch of glam to your favorite beach towel by attaching rhinestone embellishments to the fabric or along the border, creating eye-catching patterns or shapes. Not only will it add a decorative touch to your beach essentials, but it will also make it easier to spot your towel in a sea of similar-looking ones. MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa in Blue Zircon is a great choice for your beach look.  

Sunglasses With Sparkle

When it comes to sunglasses, sometimes it’s all about the details. Go beyond the basic styles by choosing a pair adorned with shimmering rhinestones or crystals. You can even get crafty and transform your favorite pair of frames into a dazzling piece of beachwear by picking up a pack of rhinestones and adding them to the temples and outer edges of the glasses. You’ll be sure to stand out while protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare. Preciosa, a great alternative to Swarovski, in their new color Caribbean Blue, will give you a perfect summer vibe.  

Bedazzled Water Bottles

Your trusty water bottle is another summer accessory you can bling out as you get beach ready. Adding some shine to your water bottle is an easy and fun way to personalize it while making sure you stay quenched under the sun. Use adhesive rhinestones or glue-on crystals to create patterns, monograms, or fun designs—the possibilities are endless! Plus, you’ll never misplace your water bottle with all that sparkle. MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa has beautiful blue, turquoise, and green rhinestones such as limecicle, a Rhinestones Unlimited Customer favorite. 

Fancy Flip-Flops

Your beach look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of chic, comfortable sandals. This summer, treat your feet to some serious sparkle by adding rhinestones to your favorite pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals. A simple yet eye-catching way to add bling to sandals is by applying rhinestones along the straps. Small, clear gems will provide a touch of elegance, while larger, colorful rhinestones can make a bolder statement. You can also experiment with various patterns or shapes to create a unique, eye-catching design that will leave a trail of glamour wherever you go. Preciosa crystal rhinestones will add the sparkle you desire- a perfect alternative to Swarovski for that high-end quality embellishment for your footwear. 

Stylish Sunhats

A wide-brimmed sunhat is the perfect accessory for those scorching summer days, providing both shade and a chic fashion statement. Take your sunhat game to another level by adding a touch of bling with shimmering rhinestones. Just like with your sandals, there are endless ways to customize your sunhat with sparkle. You could outline the brim or hatband with delicate gems or create a stylish pattern of Preciosa rhinestones on the crown of the hat for an added touch of glam. 

Brilliant Beach Bags

Nothing represents summer more than a stylish and spacious beach bag to carry all your essentials. But why settle for a basic, run-of-the-mill beach bag when you can jazz it up with some glittery rhinestones? Choose a bag with bold patterns or go for a more subtle, monochromatic look—either way, adding a touch of sparkle with MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa rhinestones will make your bag truly stand out. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your bling! Consider adding rhinestone embellishments to the straps, the front of the bag, or even creating your own personalized designs. 

Nail Designs That Make Waves

What could say “beach love” better than a gorgeous set of beach-inspired nails? Sparkle and shine aren’t limited to just your accessories; they can extend right down to your fingertips. Head to your favorite nail salon or try your hand at DIY nail art with beach-inspired designs that incorporate rhinestones. From cute starfish and seashell decals to intricate patterns with shimmering stones, these dazzling nails will make heads turn everywhere you go. The best real crystal brand available for Nail Art is Preciosa MAXIMA and Preciosa Crystal Faerie (similar to Swarovski Crystalpixie).  Check out the color “Unicorn Tears” which is comparable to the Swarovski Crystalpixie color “Cute Mood”.  

Sparkling Swimsuits

Your swimsuit is an essential part of your beach attire. Dare to stand out by embellishing your bathing suit with some glamorous rhinestones. You can add a touch of sparkle to any type of swimsuit, whether it’s a one-piece, bikini, or tankini. Bring attention to gorgeous design details, such as the neckline or waistline, with strategically placed super sparkly Preciosa rhinestones. The key is finding the right balance between shimmer and subtlety—a few carefully placed stones can have a big impact without overwhelming your beach look.

There are numerous ways to add sparkle to your swimsuit. One popular method is using a strong fabric glue to attach individual rhinestones. Pick the colors and sizes that best match your swimsuit and let your imagination run wild. Another option is to sew rhinestone trim or appliqués onto your suit, creating eye-catching patterns and designs. Whichever method you choose, make a statement and set yourself apart from the crowd by wearing a swimsuit with some serious shimmer.

Embellished Summer Clothes

Don’t limit your bling to just your swimsuit—your entire summer wardrobe can benefit from some added sparkle. A fun and stylish way to achieve this is by updating basic tank tops, t-shirts, or even sundresses with rhinestones. Add some glitz to your neckline or hemline, or create a show-stopping pattern on the front of your top. You can also transform a simple pair of denim shorts by adding rhinestones along the pockets or edges.

Additionally, you can elevate your beach cover-ups, such as sarongs and kimonos, with a touch of glitz. Experiment with embellishing the edges of your sarong with rhinestones or adding sparkle to a simple, breezy kimono. Just remember to pick materials and colors that complement your swimsuit and other beach accessories.

With all these glitzy ideas for getting beach ready, why not start by trying out Rhinestones Unlimited’s blue zircon rhinestones to bring a pop of color to your glamorous summer wardrobe? No matter where you decide to add sparkle, remember that a little bling goes a long way in making your summer accessories shine as bright as the sun.

Get Beach Ready by Adding Bling to Your Summer Accessories