Get Inspired with Crystal Electric Violet

Get Inspired with Crystal Electric Violet

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 19th 2019


Discover design possibilities with the NEW Crystal ELECTRIC VIOLET


Create bold lines by combining multiple Electric LacquerPro effects, mixed with the softness of LacquerPro DeLite effects:

Inspiration - Zig Zag

This amazing Zig Zag creation was done using Electric Blue, Electric Green, Electric Orange, Electric White, Laguna DeLite, Ocean DeLite, Lavender DeLite and Electric Violet.

Swarovski Inspiration - Electric Blue   Swarovski Inspiration - Electric Green   Swarovski Inspiration - Electric Orange   Swarovski Inspiration - Electric White

 Electric Blue         Electric Green      Electric Orange     Electric White

Swarovski Inspiration - Laguna DeLite   Swarovski Inspiration - Ocean DeLite   Swarovski Inspiration - Lavender DeLite   Swarovski Inspiration - Electric Violet

   Laguna DeLite      Ocean DeLite      Lavender DeLite      Electric Violet    


Drop in a contrasting color within a mix of complementing purple hues:

Swarovski Inspiration - Contrast

This design was created by using a contrasting color within a mix of purple hues, such as Electric Violet, Golden Shadow, Burgundy DeLite and Lavender DeLite.

Rhinestone - Electric Violet  Rhinestone - Golden Shadow   Rhinestone - Burgundy DeLite    Rhinestone - Lavender DeLite

     Electric Violet      Golden Shadow      Burgundy DeLite     Lavender DeLite


Loosely set purples and neutrals to create a slight gradient effect:

Swarovski Inspiration - Gradient

Burgundy DeLite, Lavender Delite, Golden Shadow, Electric Violet and Light Amethyst were used to create this gradient design.

Rhinestone - Burgundy DeLite    Rhinestone - Lavender DeLite    Rhinestone - Golden Shadow   Rhinestone - Electric Violet    Rhinestone - Light Amethyst     

Burgundy DeLite      Lavender DeLite    Golden Shadow     Electric Violet        Light Amethyst


Make fluid designs using Electric Violet and a complementing Shimmer Effect:

Swarovski Inspiration - Wave

This Wave design was created using Electric Violet and Fuchsia Shimmer.

Swarovski Inspiration - Electric Violet    Rhinestone - Fuchsia Shimmer

 Electric Violet        Fuchsia Shimmer


Take your design to the next level by using multiple sized crystals within one pattern to create sparkling dimension.