How to Apply Preciosa Crystals to Nails

How to Apply Preciosa Crystals to Nails

Posted by Crystals For Nails on Feb 27th 2023

Preciosa Crystals for Nails include MAXIMA Crystals and Preciosa Crystal Faerie

Follow these steps for applying MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa or Preciosa Crystal Faerie using GEMGEL Adhesive and a clear gel top coat. 

1 After applying the gel color of your choice, apply a gel top coat and GEMGEL Adhesive where you want the crystal design, but do not cure. 

2 Time to apply your Preciosa crystal design.

CRYSTALS Pick up the MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa with a pick-up tool and apply them to the GEMGEL Adhesive in the pattern of your choice.

FAERIE Pour the Preciosa Crystal Faerie by Preciosia over the GEMGEL Adhesive.

3 When you are finished with your crystal design, you can use a detail brush to apply additional GEMGEL Adhesive and/or gel top coat around the edges of the design for extra security 

4 Cure under UV/LED light

Add a Preciosa crystal service to your salon menu to start creating high-end customized looks that will bring a higher profit margin and increased customer loyalty. 

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