How to Design for a Dance Costume (Part 2)

How to Design for a Dance Costume (Part 2)

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Feb 3rd 2014


Sparkling accessories tucked into a highly textured costume. Rhinestone rows and scattered Swarovski Crystals.


A solid panel of sparkle made from alternating snug rows of Swarovski Crystals.


The strong style lines and textured fabric inspired the placement of the rhinestones. Note that the colors chosen did not contrast with the already elaborate costume, but blend.


Sequins come in an abundance of colors, compliment the crystal rhinestones, are economic, and make a big impact. Note the use of rhinestones to accent the halter neckline.


Sequins mix with Swarovski Crystals or a dot-dash pattern contrasting on the pink fabric, giving an edgier attitude.


Even a simple wash-and-wear garment can become stage ready with some sparkle. Here, sequins were glued on. Note how a bit of adhesive should come through the center of the sequin for the most secure glue application.


A variety of patterns of Swarovski Crystals were used here for visual texture. Pick out a pattern in the fabric- such as brocade swirls- or create a stencil to use as a guide.


A close inspections shows that lace is made up of a repeating floral pattern. Choose a leaf to add Swarovski Crystals throughout, or scatter crystals over the entire flower.


Taking a cue from the distinctly angled cuff, the diamond shape was echoed in the Swarovski Crystal border.

Gabby jump top

Mixed sizes of Swarovski Crystals are concentrated in the center of this top, and gradually lighten out to the sides. The end result is still a heavily encrusted look, even though there is space left between the stones.


Loving the tone-on-tone sequin border, giving a splash of juicy color to the skirt! When applying stones to layers, remember to go light in areas that will be covered by fabric, and keep most of the Swarovski Crystals in the exposed areas for the most effective results.


Glittering fabric, sequins and mixed Swarovski Crystals in the same color palette create a mixed media costume with tons of glitz! Chunky jewelry adds interest to the airy fabric layers.


Taking a cue from the unique wave pattern of the fabric, Swarovski Crystals were applied directly on top of the embroidery. This is a no-fuss embellishment that harmonizes completely with the total look.


Great fabrics don't need a lot of embellishment. Only a few contrasting Swarovski Crystals were used on the black sequined fabric, but to great effect- proof that a little bit can go a long way.


A perfect example of "following the lines" and "random scatter" pattern styles. Outlining the lapels and rhinestoning along a seam give the black ensemble a lot of personality just by using a contrasting color. The easy-going scattering on the hat is a great way to fill a large space with a little or a lot of sparkle.


A really sweet interpretation on the allover scatter, crystals in grouped in clusters of three play off each other for bigger sparkle under the lights.


Following the lines, the unique front paneling and off-the-shoulder neck are highlighted with a simple train of Swarovski Crystal AB stones. This is one of the simplest design styles, but makes a big impact- great for beginners!


I love the addition of subtle sequins and a few crystals to jazz up a fabric flower. The details count!


An advanced design, this large rose was created with some advanced planning. Create a template to put under sheer lace, or use tailor's chalk to mark directly on the fabric and add a variety of color and sizes of Swarovski Crystals.


Though this piece is encrusted all over with red Swarovski Crystals, it's the contrasting swath of crystals bursting from the cutout that make the costume.


Great use of "repeating a shape" when designing the embellishment on this hat. Pulling from the large circular cutout on the dress, the sunburst is echoed on a smaller scale, using a brooch at the center.


Remember your accessories! A little attention spent on additional pieces- a hat, a fan, a pair of gloves- can keep a unified, performance-ready look throughout the mixed separates.


Waistbands and neckbands are often the first areas to get the glam treatment, framing the face and body's curves. Grouped snugly together, rhinestones can play off each other for maximum sparkle.

DD- Lexi-White-Bottom (2)

How far will your stones go? Measured lines of all-over sparkle are embellished with 2 and a half gross of Crystal rhinestones, doubled in the second round.

DD- Lexi-Lyrical-Skirt (2)

A random, all-over scatter is quick and easy for both the beginner and the veteran crystaller alike, and can easily be added to without disrupting the design.

Discount Dance- Bella-Theatre-Back-Leotard (2)

Here we see the difference in a costume's personality when spacing is altered. This is a great example of "following the lines," highlighting the edges and unique style lines of the leotard.

Discount Dance-Alayna HipHop Pants Waistband (2)

A random scatter takes on an intergalactic burst of energy with a pattern of sparks: groupings of stones in short lines, moving in all directions. On the generous waist panel of black harem pants, they add a stylishly subtle flare.