​MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa®

​MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa®

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Dec 29th 2020

Now in the Spotlight, MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa®

MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa® is the lead premium branded European crystal available for your luxury hand-crafted custom creations. Please request a sample to compare the quality and sparkle for yourself.


Your Most Premium Crystal Option

MAXIMA Crystal was introduced by Preciosa® as their most premium crystal in 2018. Being a Swarovski Authorized Reseller and carrying a heavy inventory in Swarovski’s Xirius 2058 and 2088 flat back and 2038 and 2078 hot fix crystal, we did not see a need to bring in a 5th line of crystals. In the wake of the Swarovski news of restructuring and the discontinuing of their wholesale/resale business in dance, costuming, nails, and DIY, we immediately decided to bring in the MAXIMA crystal as our new premium brand.

What makes MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa the best crystal available for your projects?

Meets the highest industry standards of quality and ecological certification

Superior faceting which provides maximum brilliance

Additional cuts for unrivalled optical properties and light refraction

Strict sorting and quality control provide consistency in size, shape and sparkle

Proven, durable and extremely stable foiling and hot-fix glue

A silver reflective layer that offers more intense light reflection

Luxurious packaging portraying top value and quality

Shimmer AB coating available as an alternative to Swarovski shimmer colors

Brand use available for your products which use MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa

MAXIMA Not to be Confused with VIVA12

Rhinestones Unlimited has reached the ranks of Preciosa Authorized Partner with the sale of their VIVA12 flat back rhinestone over the past decade. The VIVA12 is a beautiful cost-effective crystal with superior faceting and brilliant shine. You can still purchase these beautiful rhinestones as part of our LUX Austrian Crystal brand. Preciosa VIVA12 is our new choice for replacing the Stellux rhinestones made in the Swarovski factory under our brand name LUX Austrian Crystal, a premiere rhinestone brand specifically curated for costuming of the performing arts. When comparing Preciosa product pricing, please be aware of the two qualities of crystal coming out of the Preciosa factories- their most premium MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa and their lower priced alternative crystal, the Preciosa VIVA12.


A Global Leader in Crystal Production

Preciosa is a global leader in manufacturing of crystal products with a history of ethical business practices and support of their partners and customers. We are thrilled to be working closely as a valued partner on the launch of their MAXIMA Crystals. You will find this is not just an alternative to, the soon unavailable, Swarovski crystals, but instead a preferred choice because of the sparkle of the crystal and the values of this well managed and socially responsible organization. If interested in our decision to partner more closely with Preciosa, read more in our blog articles: 

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Supporting YOU, our Valued Customer

Preciosa’s true craftsmanship and high-quality crystal production has been present in the Crystal Valley of Bohemia, a mountainous region of the Czech Republic since the 16th century. Rhinestones Unlimited is proud to be a Preciosa Authorized Partner. Their long heritage, support of artists across the globe, and integrity should be noted; however, the quality of the crystal will be most obvious when adding sparkle, luxury, and value to your hand-crafted, custom creations. It is our pleasure to share these authentic Bohemian crystals with you, our loyal and creative customers in dance, costuming, nails, beauty, art, and DIY. Supporting artists and creative small businesses is a shared goal of our team at Rhinestones Unlimited and our representatives from Preciosa.