New! Preciosa Sew On Rhinestones

New! Preciosa Sew On Rhinestones

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 15th 2020

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For 46 years, the region of Bohemia - encompassing what is now the Czech Republic-has passed down the traditional craft of glassmaking from generation to generation. The unmatched artistry and craftsmanship from this region has been celebrated the world over for centuries. Preciosa was established in 1948 when many of the region’s best joined under one name. Since then, the company has seamlessly blended its rich history with modern methods and the most advanced technology. The name Preciosa is renowned as a statement of crystal quality and innovation.

Preciosa’s glassmaking heritage can be traced back to the 16th century when in 1548 the first glass kiln was ignited deep within the heart of a scenic, mountainous region of Northern Bohemia known affectionately today as Crystal Valley. It was here in the dozens of ateliers and workshops scattered throughout the region that an emerging industry grew into a globally recognized trade. Exactly four centuries later in 1948, two dozen of the valley’s most established glassworks joined together to form Preciosa, the world’s finest producer of Bohemian crystal.

Made with the finest locally sourced raw ingredients, our crystals are unparalleled in both quality and shine. Every stone and cabochon is carefully handcrafted using centuries old glassmaking techniques and natural Bohemian sand, famously rich in silica dioxide, which gives the stones their signature shine. A Member of the Preciosa Group A global leader in luxury goods manufactured from crystal, the Preciosa Group is built upon centuries of glassmaking tradition and innovation. From hand-made lamp beads to our cutting-edge, bespoke lighting installations, Preciosa looks to our own unique heritage to draw inspiration for the future of premium, responsibly crafted Bohemian crystal. Today, our Components offers an assortment of more than 36,000 premium fashion and fine jewelry stones to an extensive portfolio of fashion brands, designers and manufacturers across six continents. Together, the Preciosa Group operates a global network of 11 regional offices and melts 40 tons of glass every single day.

Preciosa® has created a brilliant crystal collection that our customers love, with the second-largest selection of colors, shapes and sizes. In 2009, they set new limits for machine stone cutting when creating a record-breaking miniature stone- at .05mm diameter- with an incredible 33 facets. In 2013, Preciosa introduced the lead-free MAXIMA crystal, a radical new recipe that eliminated the key ingredient previously thought to be the definitive element for truly premium crystal. This unique material, with its extraordinary sparkle, meets the highest international standards of quality and environmental certification.


As a key member of the Preciosa network over our 20 year history, we are among the trusted sources for genuine Preciosa crystals, certified reliable and working in close partnership with the company to ensure the highest quality crystals to you, our customer.