Preciosa Supports Artists

Preciosa Supports Artists

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Feb 17th 2022

WE SUPPORT ARTISTS! So, we choose Preciosa.

At Rhinestones Unlimited we state with pride that "WE SUPPORT ARTISTS".  It is our core focus to support small businesses, entrepreneurs and artists with compassion, empathy and problem solving.  We love our creative customers and will do whatever necessary to support them with a reliable supply of fresh, beautiful and sparkling products.  

In late 2020, just a month before our customer's busiest season, and in the midst of a pandemic, we got word that Swarovski was restructuring and walking away from the loyal business of our customers- the creative dance, costuming, and beauty small businesses and individuals we serve.  This was heart-breaking to us and the many Swarovski enthusiasts we have distributed rhinestones and trims to over the past 22 years.  Immediately, our team was faced with a decision- do we try to hold onto our long standing relationship as a lead Swarovski reseller and try to make something happen with them, or do we look to Preciosa.  

Swarovski® Corporate Restructuring (and what it means for you)

Over the next few months it became obvious.  Swarovski had made their announcement and almost immediately stopped producing the products that our customers rely on us to supply.  All of this in the middle of our customer's busiest time and Swarovski's messaging became confusing and inconsistent.  We sure scrambled and had a lot of conversations with all of you- mostly apologies on behalf of Swarovski!  Through this confusing time Preciosa stepped up their production and supported their distributors.  They showed us that they were up for the challenge and would love to work with us to get our customers the products they desire.  Our choice was obvious- choose Preciosa and be assured that you will receive the products needed to stay in business.  We made this choice as much for our customers and we did for us- we succeed together.

We hope you check out MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa and LUX European Crystals (manufactured in the same Czech Republic factory). These crystals sparkle just as much as Swarovski, if not more.  Plus, they come from a privately held, well managed company that supports their distribution partners and supports you, the artist, entrepreneur and small business owner.