Swan Lake with Preciosa Crystals

Swan Lake with Preciosa Crystals

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jan 3rd 2020

Preciosa Crystals & The Czech National Ballet

Rhinestones Unlimited is a proud Preciosa Authorized Partner. Check out this beautiful partnership between Preciosa and The Czech National Ballet production of Swan Lake.

"Among the original costumes and stage sets are majestic crowns and breathtakingly embellished costumes brought to life by Preciosa Jewelry & Decoration. We are very honoured and pleased with our sparkling partnership in this timeless production." Preciosa READ MORE

Preciosa Rhinestones are the perfect high end but economical addition to your Dance Costumes such as the stunning ballet tutus and crowns featured in this Swan Lake production. Rhinestones Unlimited offers Preciosa Flat Back Rhinestones and Preciosa Sew On Rhinestones for your dance costumes and DIY projects.