Upgrade the Bride Squad's Outfits and Gifts With Rhinestones

Upgrade the Bride Squad's Outfits and Gifts With Rhinestones

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Aug 15th 2023

Weddings are all about celebrating love and creating everlasting memories with friends and family. One vital part of this day is the bride squad, the bride's closest friends and family members who play significant roles during the wedding preparation and celebrations.

If you want to help your squad shine as brightly as you during your special day, check out these tips for upgrading the bride squad's outfits and gifts with rhinestones. A little sparkle can add a lot of magic to your wedding!

Add a Sparkling Touch to the Bridesmaid Dresses

Rhinestones elevate the overall look of outfits and set them apart from other guests' attire. Here are a few ways to incorporate rhinestones into bridesmaid dresses:

Revamp the Neckline

Adding rhinestones to the neckline of bridesmaid dresses instantly elevates the entire look. A cascade of rhinestones, forming a necklace-like effect, or a thin, elegant rhinestone choker style are captivating ways to level up the apparel.

Bedazzle the Waistline

For an enchanting and glamorous touch, add rhinestones around the waistline of each dress. You can do this by attaching rhinestones directly to the fabric or by adding a chic, rhinestone-embellished belt to the outfit.

Make Rhinestone-Embellished Accessories

Accessories are a perfect way to accentuate the bride squad's attire and boost their style. Here are a few ideas for rhinestone-embellished accessories:

Elevate Hair Accessories

Turn heads with glamorous hair accessories decked out in rhinestones. Bejeweled combs, hairpins, and headbands are perfect for adding that extra sparkle to an updo, while a rhinestone hair vine complements flowing, wavy locks.

Shine With Rhinestone Jewelry

While sporting minimalist jewelry has been on-trend lately, adding elegant rhinestone jewelry pieces like dainty bracelets, statement necklaces, or chandelier earrings can make all the difference. Coordinate these accessories with bridesmaid dresses for an elevated and refined appearance.

Give Memorable Rhinestone Gifts

Giving each member of the bride squad a rhinestone-themed gift is an excellent token of appreciation. Here are a couple of gift ideas:

Make Personalized Rhinestone Tote Bags

Customize tote bags with the bride squad's names or initials on them in rhinestones. Your squad can carry these stunning bags around during wedding events and reuse them afterward.

Customize Rhinestone Picture Frames

Give your squad personalized picture frames decorated with rhinestones. This way, they can display beautiful photos of the wedding in style, keeping cherished memories alive.

Upgrade the bride squad's outfits and gifts with rhinestones to add extra fun and glamour to your wedding day. For a high-quality selection of rhinestones, including stunning purple flatback rhinestones, check out Your bride squad will be sparkling all the way to the altar!