​What are Austrian crystals?

​What are Austrian crystals?

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Jun 7th 2019

What are Austrian crystals? Or, is it Australian crystals?

Lux Austrian CrystalsLux Austrian Crystals;

Austria is home of one of the most prestigious manufacturing of fine cut crystal.  In fact, the country itself is now synonymous with crystal of pristine, innovative and unmatched quality.  The innovative manufacturing methods adds brilliance and enhanced light return and fire.  Austrian Crystals are an automatic assurance of quality.  Rhinestones Unlimited is the exclusive carrier of  LUX Austrian Crystal.

LUX Austrian Crystal Selling Points

Distinctive and design-protected cut featuring 9 large and 3 small facets

Perfect geometry across all sizes

Complex look clearly discernible by the consumer

Striking consistency of color and size from the smallest to largest crystal

High-tech foiling and hot fix glue

Easy, fast and durable application

Suitable for use on heat-sensitive materials such as cashmere, silk or satin

High resistance to environmental influences (i.e. perfume, chloride and salt water)

High wash resistance

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    What are Lux Austrian Crystals