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Receive the price advantage of full package value pricing, but have the stones packaged in smaller quantities for easy distribution!

Please allow up to 5 business days for packaging. 

Full packages must be divided into equal quantities. For example, a 10-Gross Full package could be divided into ten 1-Gross packages or five 2-Gross packages. A 2.5-Gross Full package could be divided into five .5-Gross packages.

To Order Custom Small Packages:

1) Add your rhinestones to the cart as usual.

2) Figure out how many packages you would like the rhinestones to split into (i.e. how many packages do you need to distribute to the members of your group). Add that number of this product to your cart.

By ordering this product, our customer care team will be alerted that you are requesting custom small packaging. A representative will call you to review the package quantities and numbers. You can change your request at this time. Cost per re-package is .75 each, regardless of the quantity in each package. 

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