Jewelry: Fashion at a Fraction of the Price

Posted by Rhinestonesu on Mar 6th 2013

Some folks really know how to attract attention: the screaming kid in the grocery store, the yellow Ferrari bearing down on your bumper, the woman you call Cleavage who lives down the street. But those who know how to keep it classy are well deserving of your notice. Take the obvious example of fashion, for instance. The industry itself has glorified some whoppers (the 80s, anyone?). I won’t rant on the wildly fluctuating public acceptance of good design, but I can pontificate my platform for the simplest way to keep your look modern without doing an entire closet overhaul every 6 months: Accessories! Belts, bags, shoes, cufflinks, necklaces, suspenders, hats, heels, hair doodads. 

You could drape yourself in an old sheet, and if you let your accessories do the talking, they could convince the world you look fantastic! Accessories are the details that make a look go the extra mile. Their addition, even in the most minimalistic design, add a polish that make you look put together, makes your ensemble an intentional statement, instead of a half-hearted attempt. The silver lining? By meeting the trends with these easy-to-change extras, you can get your fix of fashion for a fraction of the price. Well, rhinestone lover, lend me your ear. Rhinestones Unlimited has a treasure trove of crystal earrings for you, and lots of other adornments, ornaments, bells, whistles and frills. No matter the occasion- a wedding, a performance or a Tuesday- we’ve developed collections to help you pull your look into a show-stopping ensemble, and trust me: they’ll be looking at you for all the right reasons. 

Most Wearable- Necklaces-Cropped

We offer four lines of crystal jewelry and hair accessories:

Performance Jewelry CollectionClassic styles designed for maximum sparkle to enhance your performance! Our Performance Jewelry Collection can be likened to your favorite pieces in the permanent collection of your art museum- they build the foundation for the museum, and you know that year after year, they’ll be there when you need them. Advice direct from the mouth of dance teachers has helped sculpt this selection, especially to give you the extra edge when you make your statement under the spotlight. The designs have been specifically developed for durability during movement (please direct your eyes to our strong yet flexible crystal chokers…). The Performance Jewelry Collection consists of classic styles that we consistently stock, so you can plan to use them for future performance groups, season after season. 

Crystal Jewelry for Children – CPSIA Compliant Let’s call this the Lowest Common Denominator safeguard. It makes reference to the traditional crystal recipe of adding lead to glass for the light-refracting elements, though developments in manufacturing have all but eliminated the threat. Though we’re pretty sure your average pre-teen and anyone out of diapers isn’t going to revert back to that tot habit of eating their own jewelry, CPSIA standards were established just to be on the safe side. To meet CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) standards, manufacturers have to submit batches of their product for testing and certification. Batches that have officially met the requirements can be labeled as CPSIA Compliant for children’s standards. Though companies- like Swarovski, for instance- may manufacture all products to the same standards, they only submit a percentage of their batches for official testing and labeling. But, with the CPSIA Compliant label, you have a guarantee that the crystal won’t poison the children, even if they do eat the darn things. 

Crystal Market Jewelry Collection Fresh and continuously updated collection of trendy crystal jewelry. The Crystal Market Jewelry Collection is in answer to the demands of the style conscious business. Your customer puts thought into the way they present themselves to the world, and you know that a little glitz can go a long way. This is where you’ll find crystal accessories your customers can wear for work, weekends, solos, special events, and anytime they want to complete their look with a little glamour. Styles will be continuously updated so, though quantities may be limited, the selection is considerably broader than our permanent Performance Jewelry Collection. If you happen to be purchasing for your boutique, you can get a discount when you buy a bunch of those earrings you know will fly out the door, yes…but, you can also get a single serving of that intriguing headpiece you’re crazy about, but will only sell to your imaginative clientele (or, maybe you’ll just buy it on the pretense of “waiting for that special customer” but, oh, wouldn’t it look great with that thing in your closet? Yeah…don’t even bother taking it out of the packaging, just bring it home). 

Make Your Own Jewelry – Customize the look! When you can’t find it, make it! We understand how it feels when Just the Right Thing isn’t presenting itself. Instead of compromising, we’ve developed a line of components so you can personally create your own vision. These blank canvases are sturdy enough to take your wear and tear, the styles versatile enough to transition from your performance to the after party with ease. Spontaneous or calculated, there are many ways to draw the world’s eyes to you, and we’ve learned how a well-designed presence can impact one’s consideration. So, pull your look together by remembering the value of details. Accessories can shout out your statement without saying a word. 



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