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Rhinestone Size Chart

There are three standards used to measure rhinestone sizes:

  • Stone Size (ss): Usually used with flat back stones in the classic round shape
  • Pearl Plate (pp): Usually used with pointed back stones in the classic round shape
  • Millimeter (mm): Used across the board, especially with stone shapes

The rhinestone size chart below shows relative sizes of each. Please note that due to differences in computer screens and printers, this chart should be used as an approximation. We recommend printing the downloadable PDF.




Additional resources

  • printable rhinestone chart (PDF) is also available to download and print. (When printing, set Scaling to "None" or 100%.) Sequin sizes are also included.
  • The Rhinestone Sizing Tool is an instant reference for measuring and estimating rhinestones. It features two rulers (inches and millimeter), holes to measure rhinestones, a formula for estimating a row of rhinestones and a size chart.
  • Our Estimating Guide (PDF) helps you visualize the result of rhinestones placed with different spacing.