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“Designers go to great lengths to embody the elegance of dance, to personify the grace of figure skating, the power of gymnastics or the symmetry of cheerleading as expressed by a lavish dress or a sparkling leotard. When an outfit goes from a rough sketch to a finely tuned design, from a model stand to a slender athlete, it’s often the finishing touch that refines the look.”

Accessories. They’re more than just fun. They’re the details in the costume that elevate your look from present to polished, polished to perfect. They can define a character, a story, a setting, a moment in time. They’re the exclamation point in a powerful movement phrase.

In all facets of your performance, you know that the details are what make it memorable. When it comes to your costume, accessories become the finishing touch.

“Swarovski crystal-adorned accessories add accent to movement, be it a sparkling bracelet on the wrist of a dancer as she strikes a flirtatious pose, or the tiara to crown the visage of an ice princess.”

Read More  of the Swarovski® Dance Magazine (Accessories p.60) and make sure to check out the Rhinestones Unlimited feature dance costume and accessories on p. 58-60. Swarovski® honors our commitment to support artists and bring top quality costume trimmings to designers and performers around the world.


For 20 years, Rhinestones Unlimited has celebrated your dedication by bringing out the best in your performance. When you’re ready to show off the details, add a little flair, change up the basics and stand out from the crowd, find endless inspiration and unlimited brilliance in our crystal rhinestone accessories for dance and performance.

We have a sparkling history of top-notch accessorizing! We love helping you complete your look with custom pieces so much that we have provided you with everything you need. Our professional grade tools, glues, crystals and do-it-yourself jewelry components include:

  • DIY Performance Jewelry & Accessories
  • Crystalline Precision Glue Tools
  • GEMGEL Adhesive 
  • A full selection of glues for every project material

Or, shop our carefully curated collections of jewelry, accessories and appliques, including Rhinestones Unlimited exclusive brands:

  • Ovation Performance Jewelry & Accessories - Ovation Appliques, Ovation Crystal Rock Jewelry & Ovation Marquis Collection  
  • Starlight Performance Jewelry - A collection of crystal jewelry made for movement and the spotlight 
  • Little Star CPSIA Children's Compliant Jewelry - CPSIA compliant jewelry packaged and sized for children age 12 and under

In addition to our reliable staff of industry veterans, both seasoned professionals and first-time crystal artists alike can find plenty of resources at RhinestonesU.com, including our popular video How to Rhinestone a Dance Costume, blog articles, exclusive professional grade tools of the trade, and the worldwide community of dedicated artists- just like you- that we’ve brought together over two decades of brilliance.