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Rhinestones for Dance Costumes

Ready, Set, Sparkle!

You have worked tirelessly preparing for performance time. The choreography, hours of practice, and costume design culminate, and now it is sparkle and shine time. While your dancers give it all they’ve got, the costumes synthesize the magic, and it all comes together to dazzle the audience and judges. The right sparkle, shimmer, and colors impress your audience and make a great performance a fabulous one.

Most Popular Rhinestones for Dance Costumes



Starcut Crystal®



LUX™ Austrian




Preciosa® Crystals




Priceless Crystal™


Superior Sparkle and Shimmer

Rhinestones Unlimited offers the best in brilliance with reliable, quality crystals for every budget. The sparkle and shine of rhinestones are perfect for your custom embellished dance uniforms.  Our curated collections include: 

SHOP BY COLOR to find crystals that complement your custom dance costumes or dance team apparel. 

Swarovski Crystals are no longer available for dance costuming due to the Swarovski 2020 Corporate Re-structuring. LEARN MORE

We research crystal design and engineering to bring you the highest quality rhinestones available. Our extensive collection of crystal rhinestone embellishments and jewelry create the perfect sparkle. Our ample selection makes finding what you need easy and alleviates your time spent on sourcing product. If you cannot find what you need, request it. We will search for options to fit your needs.

Dance Costume Color and Shine

Your performances will come alive as your dancers move with the perfect sequins, belts, trims, and rhinestone appliques to capture light and showcase color. You can easily search by style and color through our extensive collection of crystal rhinestones and other embellishments. Finding the right sparkle for your dance costumes should be easy, and we strive to make the process as straightforward as possible. Make sure to tune into our Instagram @RhinestonesUnlimited for rhinestone dance costume inspiration.

Professional Value

Rhinestones Unlimited specialized services support the creation of your costume designs while helping you balance your time and profitability. You can request rhinestones in smaller quantity packages to save you time – no counting necessary –and still benefit from bulk wholesale pricing. A popular service we offer is our custom small packs to make distribution to your dancers an easier task. We offer a price match promise; you can be confident you are giving your dancers the best value. Our extensive line of tools and adhesives are of professional quality and simple to use.

Inspired Dance Costume Trends

Our dynamic product line reflects what is new and trending! We love to share the latest dance contest winners and dance fashion trends on RhinestonesUnlimited Blog, YouTube, and Facebook. We want your dancers confidently performing while showcasing current fashion trends.

Performance jewelry that shines and shimmers on stage accentuates the latest dance fashions. We offer stunning collections, such as:

Dance Culture of Care

We want you and your dancers to succeed. Whether you are a dance studio owner, dance teacher, or costume designer, we have resources for you. Use our tutorials, design help, or personalized advice from Mama Rhinestone. Reference and News pages provide information on everything from the design process to selecting the best tools, and everything in between. Learn from our many tutorials like How to Rhinestone a Dance Costume! 

We are committed to your success with our high-quality product line, assessable wholesale pricing, and superior customer care and support.

Are you Ready? We’ll set you up. Time to sparkle!