Swarovski® Crystal

“Stets das Gute verbessern!” (“Continuously improve the good!”) -Daniel Swarovski I, Founder of Swarovski®


The brand Swarovski® needs no introduction; their reputation for distinction is well known all over the world. Manufactured in Wattens, Austria, they’re widely considered to be the best crystal on the market, and they’ve earned the title by consistently breaking the rules of what was thought possible throughout their entire 125-year history.

Swarovski® is the luxury crystal every other crystal compares itself to. Celebrating 125 years of innovation, Swarovski® stays leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. These forward-thinking qualities are what they look for in the artists and organizations they work with around the world, and we are honored to be routinely recognized by Swarovski® for our insight and expertise.

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Mastery and innovation have been the epicenter of the company since it’s inception. In 1892, founder Daniel Swarovski patented his electric cutting machine that enabled crystal to be cut much more precisely than had ever been possible by hand. This marked the beginning of a new era for crystal and, founding the company in 1895, allowed him to a way to manifest his vision: to create “a diamond for every woman.”

In the 1950s, a collaboration with couture icon Christian Dior brought about “the Aurora Borealis effect,” an iridescent coating on the crystal which has remained a best-selling staple, beloved in fashion, jewelry and performance.

In 2012, Swarovski® introduced Advanced Crystal, a revolutionary crystal recipe that eliminated lead. As one of the key ingredients in the making of quality crystal for centuries, Swarovski® previously had the distinction of crystal with the highest lead content—up to 30%. The addition of lead to glass was desired in traditional recipes, as it makes the crystal material denser and softer—therefore, easier to cut with precision—and, perhaps most notably, breaks light into the spectrum, making the rhinestone a prism. To get the same brilliant effects with a lead-free recipe, therefore, was groundbreaking, and again, transformed the entire industry.

New cuts, shades, and sizes are conceived and realized every day in the historical Wattens headquarters, pushing the boundaries of crystal. In fact, Swarovski® boasts the largest collection of crystal shapes, sizes, colors and specialty products available on the market, and their measures of excellence continue to outshine the highest world standards.



“…we have the responsibility to ensure that activities on our own yard should not cause harm to the environment of our neighbors.”  -Daniel Swarovski

The Swarovski® factories have been creating crystal through environmentally sound practices since the beginning.  Always forward-thinking with a humanitarian at its founding, Daniel Swarovski created an organization that was green before green existed.

Swarovski® is proud to commit to conscious luxury - driving positive action and attitudes across the industry. We are engaging in responsible production, using materials of the future including the most responsible crystal on the market, collaborating with others to improve practices in the industry and encouraging those who use Swarovski crystal to act more sustainably.” -from the Swarovski Group website

In addition to these efforts, the company has established Water Schools, setting up in Austria, China, India and Uganda, teaching children how to value and preserve the essential resource.