A Priceless Apple for your Teacher!

A Priceless Apple for your Teacher!

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Sep 6th 2019

PRICELESS CRYSTAL: An apple for the teacher

Welcome back-to-school to all our students, near and far, and to our beloved teachers who educate, care for, develop, enrich, inspire, and encourage our children of the future. We certainly hope you enjoyed some time off over the summer to spend with family and friends, enjoy a little sun, time by some water or simply just relaxing and watching the sunsets. Whatever the summer had in store for you, we hope you're ready for this new school year ahead. What a better way to welcome your new teacher...but with their very own crystal apple! We made this faux apple with our very own Priceless crystals in Siam 20ss. Now it's your turn to get started! 


The most cost-effective crystal on the market!

priceless  siam 20ss  

Priceless Siam 20ss


Step 1:

Gather your all your products needed. Siam Pricelsss crystal, as well as your tools and glue. We used E6000 glue, a 3cc syringe with an 18 gauge tip and a Crystalinne pick-me-up tool; all available on Fill your syringe with the E6000 glue.

Step 2:

Starting from the bottom of the apple, apply small dots of glue in a single row. Only apply about 3-5 dots at a time because E6000 dries pretty quickly. Then, using your Crystalinne pick-me-up tool, pickup one crystal at a time and press into each glue dot. Repeat all the way around the apple until you have the sparkly apple of your dreams.

Step 3:

Give to your favorite teacher! :)