Cheers to Swarovski

Cheers to Swarovski

Posted by Rhinestones Unlimited on Dec 28th 2022

A Bittersweet Goodbye to a Beloved Brand-And Some Swarovski Support

So, today is the day. December 28, 2022. The day that we remove Swarovski from our website and from our inventory. The brand that built us. It is quite bittersweet.

Are you mourning the loss of your favorite brand of loose crystal components? We understand. You are an artist, a creator, and visionary, and now your favorite medium is gone. We have heard from so many of you in the past two years about the feeling of loss. We, at Rhinestones Unlimited, are here to help.

Our History with Swarovski

Our history with Swarovski was very important to our success- so, we share the feeling of loss! Along with Swarovski, we sponsored artists and they were extremely supportive of our creative customers. We were the chosen U.S. reseller for three launches; an exclusive pre-launch of the Xilion Rose 2058 crystals for dance, the development of a retail-ready packaged Nail Art program which set the U.S. trend for crystallized nail art, and the introduction of their Stellux crystals into the U.S. market as our LUX Austrian Crystal brand.  A favorite memory is our trip to Wattens, Austria where the red carpet was rolled out for us. It was such an awesome experience having lunch with two V.P.s and explaining our customers and what they make with their crystals. Figure posing suits, rhinestone cowgirls, drag queens, and pageant dresses- these things are were very foreign to the European executives we were meeting with! Such great memories and we are so thankful for our time reselling their beautiful products.

Choosing the Best Path for our Customers

When faced with the Swarovski Corporate Restructuring news, our Swarovski representative presented us with options- become an authorized distribution partner and/or sell their products as one of our house brands.  The options were very limiting- our customers could receive Swarovski product but not be allowed to use the name Swarovski in any way. This just did not sit well with us. The Swarovski C.E.O. himself said that they could no longer compete with the quality and price coming out of Asia. So, how will the end consumer ever know the difference between a brand such as our Starcut Crystal with 2088 faceting and Swarovski 2088 product where the Swarovski brand can never be mentioned? In addition, we were told that Swarovski no longer wanted to have their brand associated with products made by DIY’ers (Do-It-Yourself), Crafters, Nail Artists, Costume Makers, or Designers that were producing items not deemed “Luxury Goods”. They told us they did not want to associate their brand with our customers. As much as we loved their crystals and their brand, how could we continue down this path? So with a lot of contemplation, two years ago we made the difficult, yet clear decision to forge ahead down a new path with a new partner.

Moving Forward Together

As with so many things in life, change has come and it is time to move forward. Along with our new partner, Preciosa, we remain steadfast to our purpose of supporting YOU- our artist and small business customers. Our business exists for this purpose and since the Swarovski Corporate Restructuring announcement, we have doubled down on this core value. We hire, train, sponsor, and review our accomplishments based on this shared company value. Read more about our Core Values and let us know how we are doing- we love to hear from you.

Unlimited Sparkle!

So, what’s next? Please make sure you check out MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa. Seriously, they are amazing! Preciosa has strong brand recognition and a rich history of quality crystal craftsmanship. The name Preciosa will help to elevate your brand by being able to state that your product uses the best European crystal components available in the market- MAXIMA Crystals by Preciosa. We are proud to be a Authorized Platinum Partner and be provided the opportunities that come with this honor. Most importantly, Preciosa supports our customers by helping fill our shelves with the best flat back and hot fix inventory worldwide, along with customer support initiatives such as our neon designer and dance team sponsorships. Preciosa is investing in their flat back, sew on, and hot fix components with new colors, shapes and sizes while the selection of the non-branded product from the Swarovski factories is getting stifled. We are confident that our path forward is what is right for our customers!

Do you miss the 2088 Xirius Rose faceting? Check out Starcut Crystal. Are you looking for a super high quality yet super affordable brand? Priceless Crystal is your answer. We truly believe we have your “unlimited” selection with four amazing crystal brands.

Let us Help

We are here with solutions, so  Contact Us! And, let us give you some of our remaining inventory!  Sign up with your email and address and we will send you FREE CRYSTALS! Valid until February 28, 2023 or while supplies last. Even if you already have an account- just fill this out again and you will receive a gift of crystal support in your mailbox.

Thank-you to our dear customers for their continued support.  We hope to always return the favor of your kindness by supporting your visions with a reliable supply of crystals with caring customer support.  Happy 2023- lets make it the best yet. 

Sparkle On Friends!

Angie Peery

Founder and C.E.O.

Rhinestones Unlimited Inc.